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Skin Care Facts You Should Know

Fact: Managing stress helps your skin

Your skin is your biggest organ, easy to see, and acts as sign of how things are really going in your life! This happens for many reasons. Stress elevates your body's production of the hormone cortisol and this can worsen acne and other common vexing skin problems. Stress may also lead you to suffer some 'dietary indiscretions', and these too can lead to the same skin misadventures as elevated cortisol (for more on the connection between nutrition and skin see Eating Healthy for Beautiful Skin). As if that's not enough, when you are stressed-out you probably slack off of your skin care routine. Oh the poor skin - it takes a beating with stress. Yes, your skin is an indicator of how you are doing overall. If your complexion starts to deteriorate, check in with yourself about stress. When stressed, gift yourself with de-stressors such as exercise, healthy food, personal boundaries and good sleep! You deserve it and it does wonders for your skin.

Fact: Washing skin everyday does not make it drier

There used to be a debate as to whether washing your skin dried it out. That was back in the 'old days' when we did not have fancy SYNDET cleansers and high tech moisturizing ingredients like hyaluronic acid or moisturizers that blend together glycerin, ceramides etc. Now we can use washing to theraputically hydrate your skin and prevent dryness. Yep, really! Cleanse your skin with a SYNDET such as the Toleriane Cleanser or VaniCream Soap followed by an application of any of the moisturizers I recommend and your skin will soak-in and hold moisture - poof, like magic, moisture-balanced skin! Remember, this means applying your moisturizer within the magic "3 minutes after toweling dry" for best results. Again, the devil is always in the details; applying moisturizer to dry skin is not nearly as effective, and using harsh soaps can remove important natural skin oils. So, go ahead and shower everyday, and wash your face twice a day – just make sure you pick the right soap/cleanser for your skin type and apply a good moisturizer right after. Click here to see the facial moisturizers and body moisturizers that I trust. For more, read my post, How Bad Bathing Habits Can Harm Your Skin.

Fact: Wearing sunglasses will help fight facial wrinkles

Sunglasses can be a fashion statement accessory. You may or may not like that idea - I do and I have fun with both my glasses and sunglasses. Most importantly, UV blocking sunglasses are superheros when it comes to:
  1. protecting your eyes to prevent corneal damage and cataracts,
  2. helping to prevent some of the most hated facial wrinkles which are the 'crow's feet' and the '11s'.
Sunglasses do this by blocking some of the wrinkle-forming UV rays and also by helping you to not squint so much. The bigger the sunglasses the better. The best sunglasses to prevent sun damage are big glasses that also wrap a little around the sides of your face to block UV rays from entering your eye area laterally. These glasses are also the best for reducing your risk of cataracts. Yep, you have my encouragement to go shopping if you don't love your sunglasses because it's time to sport them 365 days a year! And, remember not to skimp on the zinc oxide sunscreen under those glasses - you want all the protection you can get for your precious skin.  Click here to see the facial sunscreens that I love. Did any of these facts surprise you? What other skin care myths have you been surprised by? Let us know by posting a comment on our facebook page! Interested to learn more? See these related posts: