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Northern California Garden

Remembering Summer 2012 in the Garden

I love my garden!   I’m either in it, thinking about it, eating, cooking, or preserving food from it, arranging in vases cuttings from it, or planning my strategy for next year's garden. In my garden, I’ve got vegetables, flowers, roses, fruit trees, herbs, and ornamental plants.

  • I have shady places for sitting or eating.
  • I've also got shady work spaces, like under one of the veggie garden apple trees where I braid garlic and bundle lavender on an old redwood picnic table from my childhood home.
  • I've got a green house that my husband made for me to overwinter frost-sensitive plants and to jump start the next season’s flowers and veggies… and it's attached to a nice garden shed with proper work bench.

We’ve built all of these parts of our garden over the years, bit by bit. Some were birthday gifts to me from my husband and kids, others sprang to life from the "honey do" list, and some probably contributed to my back surgery!

This garden tells a story of our 20+ years on our property in Coastal Northern California in the Wine Country

We’ve built our home here, raised our kids to adulthood here, and buried all of our deceased and much-mourned pets here. This year I actually took some beautiful pictures of garden at the height of its summer glory. The vibrant summer garden colors are fading into the colors of fall and I want to share my pictures with you and to reminisce.

The sunlight is changing, days are shorter, nights cooler, and the fall harvests of veggies and fruit are piled high on the kitchen counter waiting to add their antioxidant and vitamin bonanza to our meals. I love looking back. I believe that it’s important for everyone to spend time in nature. For me, it happens most often in my garden - countless hours covered with hat, sunscreen, sun protective clothing, and a respectable layer of well-amended dirt. What's your favorite way to enjoy the outdoors?

Remembering Summer 2012…

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And my constant garden companion (and berry eating friend)!
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