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People shopping for ZNP are finding Calming Zinc soap a great alternative!

With ZNP no longer being produced, people are scrambling for another skin cleanser or soap to treat their facial dandruff, rosacea and pityrosporum acne.  It's the 2% pyrithione zinc in the ZNP that helps to improve these conditions.  For years I've treated my own dermatology patients using a hydrating, but equally powerful soap called Noble Zinc. Now I use Calming Zinc Bar, also with powerful 2% pyrithione zinc, but made with olive oil and shea butter. The non-drying base is a winner for sensitive problem skin.  It's clearly the best skin cleanser for facial dandruff and rosacea, bar none!  Every day I get comments from patient like:
I love that soap.  I love the feel of it on the skin and I’m almost sorry to wash it off.  JT
For me as a dermatologist, having a non-drying medicated soap for my patients with problem skin has hugely improved the results of my topical skin care regimens.  I combine this great ZNP alternative with Replenix CF Cream or Green Tea Antioxidant Skin Therapy - Replenix Power of Three Cream to treat seborrhea and rosacea.  Patients can use these products with their prescription topical treatments, but they often find that their skin improves so much that they don't need prescription medicines any more.  In fact, I now write fewer prescriptions to treat these conditions because most of my patients are able to keep their facial dandruff and rosacea controlled without the regular use of risky prescription medicines. I rarely need to use topical cortisone creams for facial dandruff (seborrheic dermatitis) or rosacea anymore.  It's also cut down on how often I prescribe oral antibiotics for rosacea. My web site customers are finding their problem facial skin better than ever before too:
I have been using your products, and my roseacea is better than it’s been for years. Martha 11/2010
I recently found your blog and bought some products, which I adore, from your website. My skin condition is so odd because it is extremely dry and dehydrated, but as the day goes on it gets extremely oily/shiny.  I have seborrheic dermatitis on my forehead and around my nose.   I bought the Noble soap, Topix Replenix Cream  CF, and the Daily Moisturizing Facial Cream for Oily to Normal Skin) after reading about your suggestions for seborrheic dermatitis.  I am so glad I found you (I just wish I lived in CA so I could use you as my dermatologist).  Hilary D, Jan 2011 web reader
I'm excited because I've just recently made Noble Formula Zinc Soap even better by removing the emu oil and substituting shea butter.  I've named this new soap Calming Zinc Bar, a reflection of how soothing it is to red, inflamed rosacea and seborrhea-prone skin.  This skin care wonder is now animal free and packed with naturally healing linoleic acid. Patients love it and people outside of my medical practice are loving it too.  It's a fantastic feeling to be helping people all over the world.  Here at the office, we're getting more and more orders for Calming Zinc Soap and some heart warming comments like
I applaud your decision to remove the emu oil and create your own zinc pyrithione product that vegans and cruelty-free folks can use. Thank you so much for your help and keep up your amazing work for those of us who suffer from conditions like seborrheic dermatitis and rosacea. So few dermatologists do anything but throw Cetaphil sunscreen and cleanser samples and metrogel or steroid creams at the problem - you have tried to make a difference.  Marc F
Of all the skin care products and prescription medicines I can use for my dermatology patients, the ones that give the best results and that are my favorite for
  • Facial dandruff (seborrheic dermatitis)
  • Rosacea
  • Pityrosporum folliculitis type acne

Green Tea Antioxidant Skin Therapy - Replenix Power of Three Cream

Green Tea Antioxidant Skin Therapy

Calming Zinc Bar Soap
Find them on their web pages: Green Tea Antioxidant Skin Therapy - Replenix Power of Three Cream with green tea antioxidants, caffeine, hyaluronic acid and resveretrol.  Calming Zinc Bar, naturally made with olive oil infused with calendula flowers, whole oats and shea butter then medicated with a full 2% pyrithione zinc.