My first post!

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Welcome Dear Reader to my first post.

I am a practicing dermatologist and my blog is to be the Journal of a Practicing Dermatologist covering both the professional and personal topics that come up in the course of my dermatology career.

I’m an unlikely blogger. I’ve never gravitated towards writing, I’ve been tech phobic and I’m a bit reclusive outside of the office. Yet after writing all of the text for my web site, I seem to have found my web voice, and oddly, I like using it.

Much to my surprise, I want to blog.

  • I want to blog about skin care because I'm a Skin Care Geek.
  • I also want to use blogging like a dermatology diary or journal because I live and breath deratology and running my small business.

I don't intend for my blog to be another of the encyclopedic medical information sources widely available on the web.  My blog will be an account of my experiences, both in my practice and in my life. The things that I think readers might be interested in.

Being a dermatologist is a wonderful career for me and I  enjoy 'talking' about it.  I love my time with my patients; what I learn from them about life and about dermatology.    I love our shared human experience and I’m  constantly enriched because of it.  I'm blessed to be a physician. Of course I can’t ever share anything that would breach patient/physician confidentiality. But the insights, the lessons, the ‘how’ of what my patients and I observe and decide regarding their skin issues, and how this effects life in general may have relevance for readers. And, typing and writing about it will allow me to savor it.

In my blog entries I don’t intend to recreate the many excellent reference web sites and blogs that are already on the net. When needed for completeness, I’ll reference ones I think the reader may want to visit in order to more fully understand a diagnosis or treatment that I’m covering in a blog entry. But, the fact, numbers, statistics, lists don’t hold juice for me at this point in my life. I use that stuff as part of the data that sits behind every decision I make for patients, but I’m not interested in writing about it.

For me, my writing interest lies in the human experience of being a practicing dermatologist. I love my medical practice and I work at it full time at it doing general medical and surgical dermatology. I also do some cosmetic dermatology. That means that in the course of my day, I diagnose and treat skin cancer and skin disease, and I help people to improve the health and appearance of their skin. I help patients one at a time to get the best possible outcomes for their skin problems.

What makes me different as a skin care advice blog on the web is that I’m a full time practicing physician and I’ve been so for years. My perspective is that of a dermatologist ‘in the trenches’. I’m not a professional writer who does research on a medical or scientific topic and then writes on it. Nor am I a physician who has transitioned from medical practice to a writing or administrative medical career. I practice medicine and I’m interested in writing about my experience doing just that. In addition, I own my own small medical practice and run it as a small business. That’s also an interesting experience and full of stories.

So, life (and blog content) from my vantage point: I’ve practiced medicine nonstop, full time since I graduated from Medical school in 1985. I own my own practice, I live and breathe dermatology, I love my career, it’s a huge part of who I am, and my blog content will focus on just that.

So, I’m going to use my blog to accomplish the following goals:

  1. Provide information about skin care solutions and treatment recommendations for skin problems. I’ll cover what I use in my office for my patients, and what I do for myself and my family. My focus will be on what I’ve learned over the years, and it will be practical.
  2. Talk about skin problems of interest to readers. Please send me things you would like to see me address!
  3. Reflect on life in general from my vantage point as a practicing, dermatologist career woman in middle age.
  4. Have fun blogging.

Please see my bio on my web site if you would like more information about me or my background.

So, I invite you to send topics that you would like to see me address. Please stay tuned as blog content emerges from my life.

I appreciate every reader who finds me, and I look forward to this new blogging adventure.

Warm Regards, Cynthia Bailey MD, Dermatologist