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DIY home spa treatment

Just What the Doctor Ordered: DIY Spa Hand Treatments

DIY Spa Hand TreatmentsI’m a dermatologist, so I know the secrets that make spa beauty treatments work –and believe me, I do them myself at home for a fraction of the cost.
It’s a great treat to go to a spa, but for most of us it's a rare treat. You can get expensive spa results at home if you know what the key steps are. You probably even have some of what you need already in your bathroom cabinet or kitchen. Add a few more things and you’re ready to make these simple DIY spa hand treatments at home as part of your regular skin care routine.
Yes, you can treat yourself to DIY spa hand treatments and wellness treatments right at home without challenging your budget. Improve the feel, health, and appearance of your skin, hair, and nails with some of my personal favorite DIY homemade spa therapies. Combine them all for one of those total spa packages that you always dream about doing!
"Love the bag balm for nails that split."
"It’s in a cute container and I bought a few extras to give to friends as a party favor." Judy H   6/24/14
Intensive Therapy for Your Dry, Chapped Hardworking Hands diy spa hand treatmentsAre your hands begging to be pampered? Give them some spa TLC too. After your bath or shower, apply your normal body and facial moisturizers. Then give your hands a special treatment with a richly hydrating hand ointment like Bag Balm (a time-honored American skin care tradition that's rich in deeply hydrating lanolin derived from wool), Vaseline ointment, or pure shea butter to your hands and then cover them with a pair of cotton gloves (click here for the best pair of simple cotton therapy gloves that I've found).
Leave the gloves on for at least an hour (or sleep with them overnight). This intense hand therapy will help heal your dry hands quickly; they’ll feel so much better, your hand skin will be healthier, and much less prone to chapping.

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    DIY Spa Hand Treatments Photo: Thanks and gratitude to Dennis Wong