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smooth summer legs

How to Get Smooth Summer Legs

smooth summer legs Having satiny soft skin on your legs this summer is easy - and it's not a matter of chance. Whether you’re planning to wear a simple pair of summer capris or a leg-baring and movie-star-worthy sun dress, you’ll want to have satiny smooth legs to look your best. Common moisturizers don’t often do the trick though.  My "secret weapon" for the dermatology patients in my practice is my Anti-Aging Body Kit, which combines:
  1. serious exfoliation using professional alpha hydroxy acid products
  2. just the right exfoliating shower sponge to buff and polish skin to a satiny finish.
It's a trick that's worked patient after patient, and I've used it myself for years. I love sharing it with people because the results are almost immediate. Last week, during her skin exam, my patient Pam thanked me for giving a new (and fun) softness to the skin on her legs, just in time for summer. She had used many products over the years with mediocre results. After switching to my Anti-Aging Body Kit, her legs were smooth after just one use. I got a kick out of her comment:
After the first time that I used the Anti Aging Body Skin Care Kit on my legs I had to call my husband to come and see how smooth they were – it’s quite dramatic!  Pamela R., Santa Rosa
I’ve personally used this professional-strength glycolic acid skin care kit for years. I have thousands of patients using it too. Like Pam says, the results are really dramatic, and the smooth skin you get from using it is a refreshing and fun surprise. People have come to expect mediocre results from most skin care routines, and these results are anything but mediocre! Why my Anti-Aging Body Kit works magic for your summer legs?  The issue is that our skin gradually becomes rough and scaly as we age.  The textural roughness starts in our teenage and early adult years and gradually our skin becomes rougher and rougher as time continues. Glycolic acid works to counter your skin roughness by helping:
  1. rough dead cells slough off your skin (because it's a keratolytic)
  2. re-structure your remaining outer layer of dead skin cells in a way that  effectively polishes them, creating a smooth look and feel to your skin (by compacting of the stratum corneum).
Skin hyaluronic acid increases too when you apply strong, professional glycolic acid skin care products.  When you apply strong glycolic acid creams to your skin, the glycolic acid naturally increases your skin’s hyaluronic acid content. Hyaluronic acid is like a natural skin moisturizer inside your skin, helping moisturize your skin from the inside out! Your end result is youthful, dewy, and satiny smooth skin. Smooth legs are the perfect canvas for healthy bronzing with self-tanner. Satiny-smooth AND bronzed legs are the perfect accessory for your summer fashions. You always get the best results from your self-tanner when you start with smooth skin. Apply your self-tanner under your glycolic acid skin cream or on alternate days.

To see the Anti-Aging Body Kit and the professional glycolic acid cream, body scrub, and shower cloth that I’ve used for years in my dermatology practice click here.

dermatologist recommended skin care routine for smooth summer legs

The kit comes with complete use instructions so that you know how to get great results.

Click here to see the perfect companion self-tanner, Avene Self-Tanning Lotion.

avene professional self tanner

Avene Self-Tanner has a light feel and so it can easily be applied under the Glytone Body Lotion, or in place of it, on alternate days.

Photo: Thanks and gratitude to roberthuffstutter