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How to fake a bronze skin suntan

How to Fake a Tan in 3 Simple Steps

How to fake a bronze skin suntanEveryone knows that the sun is bad for your skin. (It causes wrinkles, increased skin aging, age spots, prematurely thin skin, and skin cancer.)  However, a lot of us still want a complexion that has a warm golden glow. So, what do we do? You fake it! By using makeup and self- tanner and by eating beta carotene-rich foods, you can have a golden-tan complexion without the DNA damage and leathery look of a sun or sunbed tanner - yes, you can have it all! It’s easy! Here's what you do:
  1. Exfoliate your skin to ensure the self-tanner goes on smoothly. Thicker areas of skin will grab more tanner and make your “tan” look irregular.
  2. Use makeup to help enhance your fake “tan”.
  3. Juice carrots (and drink the juice of course) and eat lots of greens and other beta carotene-rich foods.
Here are the details: Step 1 Order my Anti Aging Body Skin Care Kit to exfoliate your body skin and Replenix Exfoliating Scrub for your face. Alternatively you can use a shower cloth in the shower with your favorite cleanser, followed by AmLactin Lotion for your body. For your face you can use your favorite exfoliating scrub or the Clarisonic Brush. Dermatologist's Anti Aging Body skin care Kit Buy Replenix Exfoliating Scrub avene professional self tannerAfter your shower, apply your favorite tanner, as needed. Apply it daily until you get the right color, then as needed to maintain the glow. You can apply it before your moisturizer or alternate it with your moisturizer.  I like Avene Self Tanner because its thin consistency lets me apply under my Glytone Body Lotion without feeling like I have too much lotion on my skin. Need more info?  Click here to read my advice: Use Self-Tanners Like a Pro. Step 2 Get aesthetician MaLinda’s step-by-step “recipe” for creating a sun-kissed facial complexion using mineral makeup. Click here to see her advice.  She’s an artist and you’ll love the look!

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Step 3 Eat those carrots, they're good for you! And, they work like a charm to give your skin color a bronzed warm up tout suite. Click here if you're not convinced! Photo: Thanks and Gratitude to Pumpkincat