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Dermatologist’s Tips for Treating Adult Acne: "Find it Again Friday"

Do You Suffer From Adult Acne?

Lately we have noticed people are seeking answers for treating adult acne. Just when you think you escaped the skin plight of your teenage years, persistent acne breakouts come at a less than opportune time: during your late twenties or even later. Unfortunately, adult acne is quite common but there are methods to combat this issue. As an adult-onset acne sufferer myself, I understand how it is difficult to navigate the right course of treatment, especially when nothing seems to work. However, Dr. Cynthia Bailey addresses this very issue in her blog post, Dermatologist's Tips for Treating Adult Acne. Dr. Bailey explains that the methods and causes for adult acne are different than the traditional acne issues experienced by teenagers. The common form of teenage acne is acne vulgaris. There are ways to determine if acne vulgaris is the cause of your adult acne or if another form of acne is to blame.

How do I determine the root cause of my adult acne?

Dr. Bailey has outlined the five basic steps to help identify the origins and to treat your adult acne.
  1. Always start by trying to determine if the pimples are due to the most common form of acne called acne vulgaris.
  2. Almost always treat the pityrosporum yeast because it often plays some role.
  3. Create a comprehensive skin care routine to treat the causes and consequences of adult acne.
  4. Try to add an additional acne-fighting medicine for p. acnes bacteria.
  5. Give it time to work before changing things around.
For a more in-depth analysis of treating adult acne, read Dr. Bailey's previous informative blog post. Hopefully you find the answers you have been seeking. Dr. Bailey also details a basic morning and evening routine for treating adult acne. There is no need to suffer adult acne and Dr. Bailey provides several tools to successfully combat this frustrating skin problem. Photo attribution: Thanks and gratitude to © Doable/amanaimages/Corbis