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Can You Get a Facial and Makeover on Chemotherapy? Part 2

dark under eye circles and puffy chemotherapy face tips

This is part 2 of Dr. Bailey's chemotherapy facial. To read part 1 click here. 

When wearing makeup, it was important to Dr. Bailey that we use only natural mineral-based ingredients on her sensitive skin while she was going through chemotherapy.

Pictured below is Dr. Bailey's daily makeup bag, containing all her favorite natural mineral makeup. Her makeup was applied over her sunscreen. This article is updated in 2020 and Dr. Bailey's favorite sunscreen is now her Sheer Strength Pure Physical SPF 30+ Matte Tinted Sunscreen which has invisible patented zinc oxide technology!

Intensive Treatment for Puffy Under-eye Circles from Chemotherapy 

After Dr. Bailey's facial and before the sunscreen or makeup was applied, I used the Clarisonic Opal with a 100% pure hyaluronic acid serum to infuse the under-eye area with intense hydration and to increase microcirculation. Both help to combat dark under-eye circles, one of the side effects of chemotherapy on the skin.

After using the Opal, I worked to conceal the dark circles. I applied the sunscreen not just to the face, but also to the under-eye area. Its hypoallergenic all-natural moisturizing ingredients and zinc oxide-based SPF will not irritate the delicate eye area. In addition, the mineral zinc oxide helps diffuse light around the eye area. This is the sun-protecting product that Dr. Bailey uses to even her skin color and to tone, sooth and hydrate her facial skin while protecting it from sun exposure year round. Remember, sun protection is important even in the fall and winter!

Baked mineral makeup powder for chemotherapy skin care

Next, I applied the Dr. Bailey's Baked Mineral Foundation in antique beige, a slightly darker shade than Dr. Bailey’s skin tone, to the under-eye groove. The warmer apricot/yellow hue of the antique beige helps to conceal the bluish-purple hue of her under-eye circles (purple and yellow are opposite sides of the color wheel). I then dusted the Baked Mineral Foundation in simply beige on top as it is the perfect match for Dr. Bailey's skin color.

Dr. Bailey's Post-facial Chemotherapy Makeover

We used the same products on Dr. Bailey's entire face as we used to conceal her under eye circles. I applied the Baked Mineral Foundation in simply beige, on top of the sunscreen to give her skin an even and flawless finish with just the right amount of coverage. This blended the whole look together. I also lightly dusted all over the loose Mineral Blush in adobe to bring out a warm glow to her skin.

best eyeshadow for chemotherapy sensitive skin

To enhance her eyes, Dr. Bailey loves wearing the Mineral Eye Shadow Trio in BronzeThis trio is both versatile and natural, the three soft shades brighten her eyes and give them sparkle. We love using the darker brown shade in the Bronze Trio to define her eyebrows and lash line. I used the same technique for Dr. Bailey that I describe in my Natural Palette Makeup Tutorial

Lastly, we completed her look by applying Dr. Bailey’s favorite mascara and lip stick.

Dr. Bailey felt wonderful and looked lovely after her facial and makeover. It was a nice interlude for her in the midst of this trying time. After the makeover, Dr. Bailey looked illuminated, refreshed, and ready to take on the world. See how radiant her skin looks below - and this after months of intensive and toxic chemotherapy that included high dosages of  cortisone too!

To see the skin care products Dr. Bailey uses on her skin during her chemotherapy treatment read her post on Dermatologist's Advice for the Best Skin Care during Chemotherapy.

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