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Treating Acne and Sun Damage Together

How to Treat Adult Facial Acne and Sun Damage Together

Help reduce breakouts and wrinkles with these dermatologist’s tips

Are you an adult who still suffers from acne with blackheads, pimples, blemishes and scarring?adult facial acne Are you also starting to see early signs of sun damage such as crow’s feet and crepey skin? Have you been singled out by the universe for a rare and cruel combination of complexion problems – or are you in good company?

How to fight adult facial acne and sun damage to the skin

Actually, acne and skin aging commonly overlap in your 20s, 30s and even into your 40s. Fortunately, there are really powerful skin care routines that will treat both problems together; they fight pimples and keep your skin from aging quickly. Did you notice that I said “routines” and not just “products” for treating both acne and sun damage together? That’s because product synergy and compatibility are really important here. In my latest video on how to treat acne and sun damage with your skin care routine, I explain the key complexion issues to address to treat both acne and sun damage. I also tell you what product ingredients you want to add to your skin care routine that are best for both treating acne and helping to reverse and protect your skin from sun damage.

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