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Natural Face and Body Butter Cream™

Natural Face and Body Butter Cream™


I am transitioning my Natural Butter Cream to my Natural Lotion because it works as well and the botanical oils are more stable in warm temperatures. For years I, my patients and customers have loved my Natural Butter Cream. Those that have used the Natural Lotion love it as well. Both natural products are deeply hydrating, made with organic botanical oils, free of parabens, petro-chemicals etc., are fragrance free and hypoallergenic. The two products work equally well but the botanical oils in the Butter are less stable and break down more quickly than those in the Lotion just because that’s how nature made them.

When we developed the Butter, it required a more robust preservative system than the Lotion did. Yet people living in warm climates or using the butter during warm weather were still telling us that they felt the Butter did not last as long as they wanted. We listened. Because very few people want to keep their skin care products in the refrigerator and apply them cold, we are asking our Butter loving customers to give the beautiful Natural Lotion a try. I find it equally effective as the Butter with several added benefits:

  1. I am able to maintain stability of the formulation with preservatives rated #1 by the Environmental Working Group because the botanical oils are inherently more stable in warm temperatures.
  2. The consistency allows us to dispense the Natural Lotion with a pump. This is a very hygienic way to dispense product, especially that which may be used by more than one family member.

Know that, in my dermatologic opinion, the Butter and Lotion are equally effective, equally appropriate for sensitive skin and equivalent products. I hope you agree once you try the Lotion. Click here for the Natural Face, Hand and Body Lotion.

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