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hair changes during chemotherapy
Understanding Hair Changes During Chemotherapy

By Cynthia Bailey MD

Hair loss is one of the most emotionally painful parts of the cancer treatment experience for many. Nothing screams "I have cancer!" louder than a bald head and a face without brows and lashes. As a chemothe...

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get the most cancer-fighting power from tomatoes
Get the Most Cancer-Fighting Power from Tomatoes

By Cynthia Bailey MD

How to get the most cancer-fighting power from tomatoes is something every tomato-lover needs to know. Tomatoes are rich in the cancer-fighting antioxidant called lycopene. When I was shopping in the produce...

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turmeric tea for your skin
Seasonal Tea Recipe Everyone Will Love (Even Your Skin)

By Cynthia Bailey MD

Turmeric tea is good for your skin. It is a spice that grows in India and other Asian areas and is primarily used to flavor curries. It has a distinctive gold color and tends to stain things easily (so much...

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best skin care during chemotherapy
Dermatologist’s Advice for the Best Skin Care during Chemotherapy

By Cynthia Bailey MD

Using the best skin care during chemotherapy is really important. Your skin is your body's biggest organ and it protects you from germs and other external environmental hazards. You need your skin to be in t...

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