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Sensitive Skin and the Clarisonic

dermatologist answers online questionsDear Dr. Bailey, I’ve recently ordered several of your products and really love what I’ve tried so far.  My question is this: I’m a 57-year-old female with fair skin.  I always sunburn, was born a natural redhead, have broken capillaries around my nose and some on my upper cheek area, and I have dry skin with a slight t-zone problems in the hotter months.  Can I use the Clarisonic Plus Skin Cleansing System?  I would love to really start pampering my skin as I get older and would love to buy this if you think it would not damage my already sensitive and thin skin.  Please let me know, my birthday is coming up and my husband always asks me what I want.  I usually tell him that I cannot think of anything special, but this year may be different. LOL Thanks so much, Jean B Dear Jean, Happy almost birthday! I have patients of all skin types - including people with delicate and fine skin - using (and loving) the Clarisonic Plus Skin Cleansing System. When a person starts using the Clarisonic System, I typically tell them to use a gentler cleanser than they normally use.  A great cleanser to start with is Toleriane Cleanser.

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If their skin reacts well to the Clarisonic with the gentle cleanser, then they can carefully try their normal cleanser with it. I also recommend using the Delicate Brush Head for ultra-sensitive skin.

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Clarisonic delicate brush head

The Clarisonic Plus and Pro (pretty much the same systems) are amazing.  In my opinion, results from the knock-offs and the Mia don’t compare. It’s worth waiting for the budget (or birthday) to get the Plus or Pro.

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And again, Happy Birthday!

Warm Regards,

Cynthia Bailey MD, Dermatologist

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