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dermatologist's info and advice on the internet

Real Dermatologist’s Info For Your Skin Care

Want proven, science-backed advice from an experienced dermatologist who has practiced medicine for years? Tired of pseudoscience hype aimed at selling mediocre, mass marketed skin care products that don’t work, but sound credible? For years, I’ve been writing the articles on my website with the goal of sharing tips and advice from my dermatology practice.

I started writing about skin health and dermatology on the internet in 2007 and launched the site in 2008. My small team and I worked hard, rebuilt, and launched a new site in 2016. We did it again in 2019. It is a huge project driven by my passion to educate readers about their skin's health.

Over the years, I have created a lot of physician-level info on skin health here at, where a lot of practical info is buried. Now it's time for me to circle back and make it easier for readers to find that info when they need it. One of the big ways I'm doing that is with my Advice Section. This year, I’m working to organize and update the most important content and you can find it there.

Have you seen my new skin health and dermatologist's skin care Advice Pages?

I’m adding topics and updating the most popular articles written years ago. My goal is to "evergreen" the info, so you don't have to dig through the search box on my blog. The blog is another labor of love. Since 2008, I'm pushing upwards of 2000 posts and growing.

My goal is for you to have a quick place to find a dermatologist's skin care info for your most common skin problems. 

dermatologist's info and advice on the internet

I want my new Advice Pages to be your reliable source of actionable information that's practical, educational and based on my years of clinical experience. For those readers that want in-depth info, I'll put that in the pages too. You'll be able to see there if I have answers and info for you. If you know someone suffering from a skin problem, use the share buttons on the site to send them the page so that they can discover info that might help them better understand and care for their skin. Here are some of the topics I’m covering in this growing resource that I'm building for you:

  1. Acne tips including all types of acne from teen acne, Pityrosporum folliculitis, back and chest acne, to acne that isn’t getting better.
  2. Skin care proven to fight the signs of skin-aging such as wrinkles, age spots, and skin thinning.
  3. Chapped dry lips (and why you might be 'addicted' to lip balm).
  4. Skin care after menopause – yes it needs to be different.
  5. Keratosis pilaris – that bumpy ‘chicken skin’ on the backs of the arms and elsewhere.
  6. Rosacea – there are different types and they need very different care.
  7. Seborrhea including dry skin on the face.
  8. Dandruff.
  9. Sensitive skin care.
  10. Dry skin care.

I'm just editing an eczema section and updating my advice for skin cancer-prone complexions.

On the Advice Pages, you will see some of the articles still need an update, but I've recently 'touched' most of them. As I add some new and exciting products, I will circle back again to include those. I may never be done this task. Since I love writing about skin care for you, this is good news! It's a labor of love and a fun way for me to share my years of clinical experience with you. Keep checking in and you will see my busy-bee work growing. If there is a topic you would like to see added to this advice section, please let me know by sending an email to my admin staff using our contact page or leaving a comment below!