Dermatologist Recommends Oil-Free Zinc Oxide Facial Sunscreen

Oil Free facial sunscreen

Enjoy an oil-free zinc oxide facial sunscreen that feels great on your skin!

Personal skin wellness rule #1: You have to wear sunscreen on your face every day to fight wrinkles and skin cancer.

Personal skin wellness rule #2: You have to LOVE your facial sunscreen.

If you don’t follow rule #2, then rule #1 is torture.

You need to wear facial sunscreen every day to have nice skin

  • dermatologist recommended oil free zinc oxide suncreen
    80% of skin aging is due to sun damage, not age!
  • Pigment skin problems such as melasma, pigmented acne scars and sun spots  are worsened by UV ray exposure.

Because every person’s sunscreen love/hate preferences are different, there are many, many types of sunscreen bases. I’ve spent 30+ years helping my dermatology patients figure out how to find a facial sunscreen that is their perfect fit and I want to help you as you prepare for July 4th celebrations.

If you have not found your perfect facial sunscreen fit, I’ve got a great new one for you to try!

Did you notice that I said different “sunscreen bases” and not “sunscreens”?

That’s because mineral zinc oxide is the sunscreen active that I think gives the best protection. Zinc oxide sunscreen:

  1. Gives broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection that’s trustworthy;
  2. Lasts when you are in the sun (meaning it's photostable); and
  3. Is non-irritating.

In the past, zinc oxide always left a little white tinge on darker skin tones. Now, there are invisible products available thanks to progress in zinc oxide chemistry.

I recommend that you wear a SPF 30+ broad spectrum zinc oxide sunscreen every day on your exposed facial skin. Apply it to your neck and ears, too. And, don’t forget the "V" of your chest if it’s exposed. - Dermatologist Dr. Bailey

But, to love it, you have to love the look and feel on your skin. Here’s how you figure it out:

How to pick a mineral zinc oxide sunscreen that looks and feels great on your skin

Pick the type of zinc oxide sunscreen:

  • The new invisible zinc;
  • Tinted zinc that doubles as foundation;
  • Tinted that softens complexion flaws but doesn’t look like makeup; and
  • Untinted zinc that has a hint of white tinging to your complexion.

Pick the product base options:

  • Light-as-air so you won’t feel it once it is dry;
  • Rubs into even hairy areas of your skin;
  • Oil-free;
  • Oil absorbing (called mattifying);
  • Moisturizing (maybe doubling as your moisturizer); and
  • Tenaciously water-resistant and rub-resistant.

My new Sheer Strength Pure Physical Invisible Creme Sunscreen will be your new favorite facial sunscreen if you need invisible zinc, without tinting, it’s oil-free and feels light-as-air on your skin!

Get the sun protection you need with this invisible sunscreen.This 13.75 non-nano zinc is invisible even on darker skin tones – it’s a holy-grail success. The base is also alcohol-free (another miracle in a lightweight sunscreen) so it’s perfect for sensitive skin. Rosacea-prone complexions, this one’s for you!

Wear this new zinc oxide sunscreen every day with ease and know that your skin is protected with broad spectrum UV coverage. You have ticked skin wellness rule #1 and #2. Plus, you’re helping to prevent wrinkles, avoid uneven skin-pigment problems and reduce your risk for head and neck skin cancer.

Sheer Strength Pure Physical Invisible Sunscreen is also fragrance- and paraben-free, non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores) and fortified with antioxidants for good measure to help fight free-radical-induced skin damage.

Click here to learn more about my Sheer Strength Pure Physical Invisible (and oil-free) Creme Sunscreen