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Makeup Tips for Aging Skin

Makeup Tips for Aging Skin

Insights to Update Your Makeup Techniques As You Age

Makeup Tips at 60ish

I’ll be 60 this year, and my makeup techniques have had to evolve as I have aged. What looks fabulous on a fresh, 21 year-old face looks awkward on a seasoned 60ish year-old face. Dr Cynthia Bailey - Healthy skin care - makeup tips If this sounds familiar, see what I’ve learned about what looks best on my middle-aged face in my latest video here.

Here are some of the challenges we face with our makeup routine as we age:

  • Re-accenting features and facial colors that have changed or even been lost with the years. Have you noticed?
    • Where do our eyebrows go?
    • What happened to our rosy pink lips?
    • For that matter, where did our cheeks go? Is applying a splash of blush good enough to bring them back or do we need a little more help?
  • Makeup migrates during the day into the crepeyness of our skin texture. It goes into the fine wrinkles that have etched their way into our skin -- like badges of honor marking our survival over the years. How do we keep from finding our makeup pooled in, and accentuating those little crevices by day’s end? Picking the right makeup products needs to take this into account.

The good news is that we are alive and enjoying our aging faces etched with smile lines.

The challenge is that our makeup techniques need to evolve just like we have. When it comes to makeup application, I’m just a normal woman, not an expert. I am not a beauty blogger or a makeup artist. I have learned some great tips from my aestheticians, and like a good student, I have spent "quality time" watching some of the best over 50 and 60 YouTubers who have natural makeup talent such as Melissa55. I’ve also studied art later in life and do some oil painting on canvas. I bring a little art class to my makeup routine, too. With this in mind, I invite you to see how I get myself ready when I want to look my best – like when I film YouTube videos for you! See the video here. And if you'd like to check out the cosmetics I use, click here and let me know what you think!