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green smoothies for a better complexion

Improve Your Complexion with Green Smoothies

I’m a dermatologist and I think green smoothies can improve your complexion. In fact, I think they can be the fountain of youth for inner physical vitality - a vitality so strong that it radiates out into your complexion and energy level.

I'm a dermatologist and I love green smoothies to keep my complexion glowing.

That may sound crazy coming from me, a physician, but I’m saying it because I want you to hear it. I’m 55 years old and have just been through nine months of intense chemotherapy and five surgical procedures totaling 15 hours of anesthesia, all to treat really serious BRCA mutation related breast cancer. Green smoothies are helping me recover my vitality and are giving my complexion a healthy glow.
With my intense cancer treatments, I know that my complexion should be sallow and that I should look almost toxic and exhausted after all I and my body have been through - day after day for nine months solid. You know what though, I don’t.

Again, just the other day, a sales clerk who was helping me find something my doctor sent me to buy could not believe my story because I looked and felt “radiant” (her words). Just think what green smoothies might do for your complexion if they can do this for me.

  • Yes, it’s not just green smoothies, but it is also green smoothies.
  • Yes, during treatment I've kept up my walks (not after surgeries or right after a chemo infusion though).
  • And yes, I've eaten really well throughout my nine months of treatment including occasional smoothies.

But now I’m having a green smoothy them daily and what a complexion and vitality boost!

The almost 20lbs that green smoothies plus daily walks have helped me lose does not hurt either!!  I’m telling you this because I think green smoothies will benefit just about everybody – your complexion included (back to dermatology here) and I want you to think about them.

Improve Your Complexion: green smoothie recipes that are deliciousThe way I've been able to “stomach” green smoothies (pun intended) on a daily basis is with the help of Jen and Jadah and their April Green Smoothie Challenge. These delightful and entertaining young women (Green Smoothie “Rawkstars”) have the delicious Green Smooth formula mastered and made easy. They send out the shopping list and the recipes weekly and honestly, their smoothies are delicious.

Jen and Jadah's next green smoothie challenge will be in July - why not sign up - it's free?!  Yep, free AND fantastic!  I recommend you put it on your calendar - 255,000 of us just finished the April Challenge and I'm here to tell you it "rawked!"

How to Improve Your Complexion with Green Smoothie ChallengeHow to Improve Your Complexion with Green Smoothies

By week 2 of the Green Smoothie Challenge, when people saw me around town, they were flabbergasted at how radiant I looked and how much energy I had, especially after what I’d been through. At this point, it’s the smoothies that really notched up my recovery.

green smoothies can improve your complexionI think it's the intense puree of plant nutrients, especially the beta carotene (we know I 'm a big fan of the skin's golden glow from that nutrient!) that work the magic. - Dermatologist, Skin Wellness Expert and Breast Cancer Survivor Dr. Cynthia Bailey

I love being able to respond to people's complements with “Green Smoothie Challenge” and a bunch of people actually signed up for Jen and Jadah’s April Challenge because they saw me looking so healthy and vital after all these toxic cancer treatments. 

My personal experience is not the first complexion and vitality transformation I've seen when a person adds daily Green Smoothies to their diet.

A lovely young woman who owns Gina's Clothing Boutique in Healdsburg (hello Gina!) floored me with a breathtaking boost in her normal radiant vitality when she went Green Smoothie a few years ago. I meant to get around to doing it myself but my recipes always tasted horrible and I just couldn't push through and find my Green Smoothie groove. Now with Jen and Jadah’s creative help I have.

I want you to improve your complexion and vitality too.

In addition to the right skin care (my advice of course), check out the Green Smoothie web site. Think about signing up for Jen and Jadah’s next challenge. Then, let me know what your experience is.

In my life, I have learned that beauty is made from so many aspects of what you do or don't do – not just what we dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and skin care professionals can offer you.

I believe that:

  • we are what we eat

  • who and what we spend our focus on matters to our radiance and vitality

  • our skin care needs to support our beauty and well-being

I’m thankful to Jen and Jadah for what they have added to my cancer recovery experience ... and with the typing of that sentence I’m finishing my last sip of today’s green smooth too.

Fired up for green smoothies and want some healthy skin care tweaks to support the impending boost in your inner vitality glow?

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