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dermatologist's advice for thick, rough and cracked feet skin

Dermatologist’s 3 Simple Steps For Soft, Sandal-Ready Feet By Spring!

How to get soft feet fast? Is it possible? Yes, with my dermatologist's 3 simple steps you can turn your rough feet into soft feet fast. I know that soft and pretty feet are a must for spring. For many of us, the rough, thick skin on our heels looks like it belongs on an elephant?  It’s hard to hide cracked, thick heels in sandals, and you really can fix them before spring.

Are your feet ready for your favorite spring sandals?

Expert tips to get soft and pretty feet fast.

All it takes is strong exfoliation.  A pumice stone alone doesn’t cut it if you have really thick foot skin.

To get soft and pretty feet back you need chemical exfoliation and physical exfoliation.

  • Chemical exfoliation means using a skin care product that softens and dissolves the thick skin so that you can actually get somewhere when you try to file it off.  The best product for thick, rough heel skin is a strong glycolic acid lotion such as Glycolic Acid Body Lotion.  This is a seriously strong glycolic acid cream that's a miracle for rough feet!
  • Physical exfoliation is what you do when you file or scrape off your rough thick foot skin. The best foot scraper is a foot file like the pedicurists use, or a pumice stone.

I've created the perfect skin care kit to give you this powerful combination routine for smooth feet! It's my Soft and Smooth Feet Kit.

best way to get smooth soft feet

Dr. Cynthia Bailey’s 3 Steps to Regain Soft and Pretty Feet and Banish Thick, Rough Skin on Your Feet

  1. Soak your feet in warm water, or take a warm shower for 10-15 minutes.
  2. Rub the rough skin off your feet using a foot file while your feet are wet.  Rub off as much rough skin as possible without hurting your feet.
  3. Apply Glycolic Acid Body Lotion while your feet are still damp.  Towel dry your feet, but you need to apply the cream while they are still damp.  Apply the Glycolic Acid Body Lotion liberally to the thick areas, including the toes and nail beds if needed.  Put on a clean pair of cotton socks and leave them on for at least 8 hours.

Depending on how thick your foot skin is, this process can take between one week and several months for all the thick, rough skin to come off of your feet.

If irritation develops, let the skin heal before you resume the treatment

Dermatologist's tips for soft feet fastOnce you have soft, smooth skin on your feet, repeat this process as necessary to maintain the results.  Many people find that once their feet are soft again, they can maintain the results by switching to my Ultra-Fast Triple-Action Body Smoothing Kit. It also contains professional glycolic acid products and a rough shower cloth.  You can treat your feet when you treat the rest of your body skin in the shower.

Having baby soft feet that invite a foot massage is easy, and they look so much better in sandals!


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Photo Attribution: Sean Dreilinger