Brighten Mom’s Complexion for Mother’s Day

brighten mom's complexion for mother's day

Brighten Mom's spirits and complexion for Mother's Day. As a 60+ year old mother and dermatologist, I know just what does the trick.

Dermatologist’s surprising trick to gently boost skin brightness instantly

What woman doesn’t want bright skin without pain or trouble? No laser or chemical peel, just a soothing skin care routine that instantly makes that beloved face in the mirror luminous?

I know how easily my aging motherly skin wants to revert to dull texture and tone. This has been going on since my 30s – and scientific research explains it. After our 30s, our skin loses those things that make younger skin bright. The process progresses as the years do. Stress, sleep deprivation and a busy life add their contribution, too. Every busy Mom sees it in the mirror each morning.

The best professional skin care tricks to revive dull skin instantly will delight your mom - trust me on this!

As a dermatologist, I know how to revive it instantly in a feel-good skin care routine. This little trick of mine makes a great Mother’s Day Gift! Brighten Mom’s complexion as you brighten her day with this thoughtful gift. Better than perfume, scented soap, candy, or even flowers – though the flowers would not go amiss, too.

brighten mom's complexion for mother's day with this gift

Send Mom my Layered Up Besties. These two, popular products work even better together.

Why this combo works to sooth and brighten skin instantly:

Instantly Luminous Multi-action Serum holds skin water to fully hydrate using the best skin care science technology. Multiple molecular weights of hyaluronic acid stratify in the outer skin layers to bind water. Sodium PCA (part of skin’s natural moisturizing factor) holds water by another mechanism, and glycerin adds it’s contribution, too. The end result is plumping of dull and limp skin.

Apply Green Tea Antioxidant Skin Therapy for its antioxidant reserve replenishment and the magic is magnified. Skin is soothed, any redness is quieted, skin looks luminous, well and feels wonderful. 

It’s a brilliant combination that’s flying out into the hands of patients and customers – proven and loved by many. It’s my favorite combination, too for my 60-year old Mom skin.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of we mothers – whether our babies are human, animal or community – we know that mother energy rocks!

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