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Dr. Bailey's Complete Skin Care Routine for Great Results

By Cynthia Bailey MD.

Get more results when you use Dr. Bailey's Complete Skin Care Routine™ – I can help you select products that work well together to promote healthy skin.

Why does a Dr. Bailey Complete Skin Care Routine™ make all the difference?

Dermatologist Dr. Bailey's Complete Skin Care Routine

Well, for example,

  1. Because using retinol to reverse wrinkles and collagen damage, and then not using the right sunscreen, means the retinol won’t help your sun damage that much.
  2. Using a pore-blocking moisturizer when you are fighting acne won’t let your acne products help fix your acne that much.
  3. Using a cleanser that doesn’t get your skin really clean means any of your treatment products won’t penetrate your skin well and won’t help that much.
  4. Using a cleanser that is too harsh for your skin if you have rosacea means that your rosacea products can’t calm your rosacea that much.

Have you had mediocre results from your skin products in the past?

Dr. Bailey's Complete Skin Care Routine for healthy skin

I see it all the time; my patients bring in products that are fighting against each other or are not addressing a key piece of what is causing their skin problem. I fix the puzzle and - poof like magic - their skin sails into health. Let me help you have this result too. Use my site to find collaborative products for your skin problems. Create a Dr. Bailey Complete Skin Care Routine™ and bump up your results.

Dr. Bailey's Complete Skin Care Routine™ means you cover each essential skin care step with the right products. The steps are based on what the skin needs to be healthy. When you walk out of the bathroom after taking care of your skin, you want all of this going on! The steps are:

Proper skin cleansing for best results

CLEANSE: Clean skin is ideal to maximally absorb product actives. Skin cleansers and soaps applied to skin and then completely rinsed with water are the best way to remove oil, dirt, debris and old product. This can be enhanced with sonic cleansing (Clarisonic Systems) or exfoliation to lift even more dead cells from the skin surface. A second cleansing step with a toner can further help to remove stubborn oil and debris.

Use the right products to correct your skin problems in Dr. Bailey's Complete Skin Care Routine

CORRECT: Product ingredients that help correct complexion problems come in a variety of forms. For example, they may be ingredients in your cleanser, in a serum, in an acne treatment pad, a rejuvenation cream or a night cream.

Dermatologist recommended skin moisturizers for Dr. Bailey's Complete Skin Care Routine

HYDRATE: Healthy skin is optimally hydrated. Different complexion types and different sites on the body need a different degree of hydration to be their healthiest. Dial this in with your hydration step. Know that many products in your other skin care steps may multitask for you by containing hydrating moisture-binding ingredients.

best dermatologist's sunscreens for Dr. Bailey's Complete Skin Care Routine

PROTECT: UV exposure always damages skin cell DNA. If the sun is up, your skin needs UV protection. All exposed skin needs broad spectrum SPF 30 or higher sunscreen during daylight hours. Preferably you want to use one containing mineral zinc oxide as the primary active ingredient.

How can you build a Dr. Bailey Complete Skin Care Routine™?

Build a Dr. Bailey Complete Skin Care Routine™ that is right for your skin with products that specifically fit your skin type, keep your skin healthy, and finally fix your skin problems. I’ve organized products and information across the site to guide you. Here is how it works:

On each product page on my web site you will see products listed for the skin care steps that they serve. Build a routine by layering products that cover all the Dr. Bailey Complete Skin Care Routine™ steps - Cleanse, Correct, Hydrate,Protect ™. This builds the best results.

Some products will multi-task for you such as a moisturizing sunscreen (hydrate and protect) or a glycolic acid moisturizer (correct and hydrate) or a medicated acne cleanser (cleanse and correct).  I’ve noted this on the product pages too.

A great way to start is to pick your skin problem from the Shop By Condition option on the product drop-down menu. Read the information I have for you about how to create your skin care routine. I often note my top product pick for each of the steps that best addresses the condition. These are the best choices to to build a Complete Skin Care Routine specific to your condition! I give you important information to help you understand the skin condition and why I’ve chosen some of these products. On the product pages, I give you even more information on how I use the product in my practice and what the main goals are that the product helps you achieve.

I’m giving you science-based information - not marketing fluff. My goal is to help you understand your skin and your choices so that you are in control of your skin’s health.

My goal as a dermatologist is to help empower you to achieve the healthy skin and complexion that you want!

Cynthia Bailey, MD