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Retinol is effective for anti-aging rosacea skin care.
Retinol, Retin A and Tretinoin for Rosacea: Best Anti-Aging Treatment

By Cynthia Bailey MD

Do you have rosacea and have you been searching for an effective treatment and anti-aging skin care routine? You may have heard about retinol, retin a, and tretinoin for rosacea and how tricky they may be to...

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how to layer tretinoin with other skin care products
How to Layer Tretinoin with Other Skin Care Products

By Cynthia Bailey MD

How to layer tretinoin is such a frequently asked question that I'm going to address it today. I received this excellent question from a reader and I wanted to make it into a blog post. It takes a village! ...

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tretinoin use around eyes
Tretinoin Use (Retin-A and Renova) and Scaly, Puffy Eyelids

By Cynthia Bailey MD

Hi Dr. Bailey, I have scaly, puffy eyelids and I use tretinoin. I've read your posts on Retin-A and have had a question about a specific severe dry eye problem I encounter when using my Renova.  In fact, it ...

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Vertical Chest Wrinkles
Ask Dr. Bailey: How to Treat Deep Vertical Chest Wrinkles

By Cynthia Bailey MD

I was asked by a blog reader if I prescribe tretinoin (Retin-A) to treat one of the most common aging skin problems on the chest - deep vertical wrinkles. In this area, skin is often also covered with red an...

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tips for retin a users
10 Skin Care Tips for Retin A Users

By Cynthia Bailey MD

Knowing how to incorporate Retin A into your skincare routine can be tricky. Retin A can react with other skin care products causing redness, itchiness, and dry skin. However, used well, it’s a powerful anti...

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how to use retin a
How Do You Combine Tretinoin (Retin A) and Glycolic Acid Products For Anti-Aging Skin Care?

By Cynthia Bailey MD

 Anti-Aging Skin Care Tips from the Dermatologist Dear Dr. Bailey, I am using tretinoin 0.5% and glycolic acid 20.0%. Recently I've been alternating every other night, but I find this always leads to a "pee...

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how to layer products with tretinoin
How Do You Layer Skin Care Products With Tretinoin?

By liz pires

I'm often asked by readers, "how do you layer skin care products with tretinoin?" I've been doing it for years in my practice and on my own face. I've seen the results for over 30+ years including the succes...

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treat retin a dry skin winter
How To Treat Dry Skin Caused From Retin A Use In The Winter

By Cynthia Bailey MD

Hi Dr. Bailey! How can I treat dry skin in winter from Retin A use? I use and enjoy several of the products you recommend on your site. There may be others like me though that get particularly dry in the fal...

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