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Retinol is effective for anti-aging rosacea skin care.
Retinol, Retin A and Tretinoin for Rosacea: Best Anti-Aging Treatment

By Cynthia Bailey MD

Do you have rosacea and have you been searching for an effective treatment and anti-aging skin care routine? You may have heard about retinol, retin a, and tretinoin for rosacea and how tricky they may be to...

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Vertical Chest Wrinkles
Ask Dr. Bailey: How to Treat Deep Vertical Chest Wrinkles

By Cynthia Bailey MD

I was asked by a blog reader if I prescribe tretinoin (Retin-A) to treat one of the most common aging skin problems on the chest - deep vertical wrinkles. In this area, skin is often also covered with red an...

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retinoid use tips for sensitive skin
Retinoid Products: 3 Tips for Using on Sensitive Skin

By Cynthia Bailey MD

As a dermatologist, I know how powerful retinoid products are for fighting the signs of skin aging.   I've personally used retinoid products on my skin for more than 35 years. Over that same time, I've also ...

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best under eye treatments
Best Under Eye Treatments including Retinol

By Cynthia Bailey MD

The best under eye treatments seems ever illusive when you wake up with dark circles and puffy bags under your eyes. Most of us have you tried countless under eye skin treatments and products to fix the dark...

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