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skin care to heal psoriasis
Best Skin Care to Heal Psoriasis

By Cynthia Bailey MD

The most important skin care tips to heal psoriasis are those that keep your skin deeply hydrated. Dry skin is damaged skin and psoriasis always gets worse when skin is dry and damaged. Tips to Heal Psorias...

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how to use retin a
How Do You Combine Tretinoin (Retin A) and Glycolic Acid Products For Anti-Aging Skin Care?

By Cynthia Bailey MD

 Anti-Aging Skin Care Tips from the Dermatologist Dear Dr. Bailey, I am using tretinoin 0.5% and glycolic acid 20.0%. Recently I've been alternating every other night, but I find this always leads to a "pee...

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what's the best over the counter wrinkle cream
What's the Best Over-The-Counter Wrinkle Cream?

By Cynthia Bailey MD

Everyone interested in anti-aging skin care wants to know, what's the best over the counter wrinkle cream. Wrinkles are part of life and ultimately inevitable. But you can minimize them with the right skin c...

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anti aging skin care treatment with tretinoin and glycolic acid
Glycolic acid and Retin A anti-aging skin care treatment

By Cynthia Bailey MD

Glycolic acid and Retin A (tretinoin) are both powerful anti-aging skin care ingredients that make very noticeable improvements to the appearance of skin. I have used them together in my dermatology practice...

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