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hair changes during chemotherapy
Understanding Hair Changes During Chemotherapy

By Cynthia Bailey MD

Hair loss is one of the most emotionally painful parts of the cancer treatment experience for many. Nothing screams "I have cancer!" louder than a bald head and a face without brows and lashes. As a chemothe...

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preventing skin infections during chemotherapy best skin care
Chemotherapy Skin Problems - Preventing Skin Infections

By Cynthia Bailey MD

Preventing skin infections and staying healthy is really important when you are on chemotherapy. One of the biggest - and most preventable - health problems for us chemo patients are skin infections. Your sk...

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can you keep your brows and eyelashes during chemotherapy
Can You Keep Your Brows and Eyelashes during Chemotherapy?

By Cynthia Bailey MD

Can you keep your brows and eyelashes during chemotherapy? I felt that if anyone could figure this out it would be me since I'm a dermatologist being treated for aggressive breast cancer. I have been experi...

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