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By Cynthia Bailey MD.

Rosacea Natural Skin Care

How to treat rosacea and facial redness naturally.

Dermatologist recommended natural products and skin care routine proven to fight rosacea and calm facial redness.

What is rosacea?

Rosacea is a facial rash characterized by redness, pimple-like red bumps, and telangiectasias (prominent capillaries that are prone to flushing). These changes occur on the ‘apples’ of the face, meaning the central forehead, cheeks, chin and nose. There are 2 basic complexion types for rosacea:

Rosacea Type 1: Erythematotelangiectatic type.

This type of rosacea has facial redness, pimples and telangiectasias that are accompanied by stinging and skin sensitivity. This type of rosacea-prone complexion is one of the most difficult to treat because of the extreme skin sensitivity and tendency for the facial skin to become easily irritated. The barrier of the skin is compromised, explaining some of the skin sensitivity.

Type 2: Papulopustular type.

This type of rosacea has facial redness, pimples and telangiectasias that are accompanied by enlarged oil glands and a tougher skin type that is often very sebaceous.

How do you cure rosacea?

There is no cure for rosacea but skin care can help to calm the redness and pimple-like bumps. With Type 1 rosacea, it also helps decrease the skin sensitivity and barrier weakness.

Skin care products with ingredients that give relief from facial redness can be a huge help when your complexion is suffering from rosacea. My dermatologist-recommended ingredients and skin care routines have delivered proven relief to my patients and customers suffering from rosacea and facial redness for years.

Why does rosacea cause facial redness?

Dermatologists don’t entirely know. We do know, however, that when you have rosacea, your pores have more Pityrosporum yeast germs in them and an increased number of demodex mites, too. Everyone has some of these two organisms in their pores, but if you have rosacea your pores may be pretty crowded with these guys, which can cause your skin to become red and inflamed. In addition to causing facial redness, these organisms sometimes play a role in causing pimples. The skin yeast can cause skin flaking along the sides of your nose, chin, and in your eyebrows, as well; it's often mistaken as 'dry skin', but it's really part of the inflammation that's making your skin red. Controlling these organisms helps you heal your skin.

Type 1 rosacea causes skin to be more sensitive. We know that the skin barrier integrity is weaker and skin is easily irritated from harsh skin care products and weather. Irritated skin will be red and sting. You need gentle skin care products to help this weakened skin barrier heal. 

How can skin care products help to control rosacea flare-ups?

Weakened skin barrier is healed with maintenance of skin hydration. Be sure to regularily use a good moisturizer for your complexion to ensure that your skin never gets too dry.

Because of the sensitive skin barrier in rosacea you should avoid using any product that is too harsh for your skin. These may include anti-aging products, acne products and products with drying agents like alcohol. You should also use skin creams to help protect your skin from harsh weather, such as windy and cold weather, and harsh chemical fumes.

Sun UV rays will trigger rosacea. This means that your daily skin care routine needs to include a broad spectrum sunscreen. Importantly, your sunscreen must be non-irritating meaning the physical mineral products are best. In my opinion, mineral zinc oxide is the top sunscreen type for rosacea-prone skin.

I've treated thousands of dermatology patients with these conditions in over 30+ years of practice. I’ve found that the best 2 products to control rosacea are Calming Zinc ™ Soap and Green Tea Antioxidant Skin Therapy™.

I have been battling with the redness from rosacea on my cheeks and chin and unable to find anything that helped until I tried the Green Tea Antioxidant Skin Therapy - I could see visible results as early as a week after using as directed. I used with the zinc soap bar as well and love the results. Love this product! Anna

Why is Calming Zinc ™ Soap the best skin cleanser to heal rosacea?

This naturally made bar soap contains a full 2% of pyrithione zinc to help control the number of Pityrosporum yeast in the pores. In my observation, it might even decrease the mites in your pores too. When my patients wash once or twice a day with my Calming Zinc™ Soap, their facial redness invariably improves; there's less inflammation, fewer pimples, and less flaky scale.

Calming Zinc™ Soap works because it contains pyrithione zinc, an ingredient with antimicrobial properties. I formulate it into Calming Zinc™, which is a natural, handmade olive oil soap base that's rich in nature's anti-inflammatory ingredients, including oats, calendula, and shea butter.

Why is Green Tea Antioxidant Skin Therapy the best face cream to heal rosacea?

Stubborn facial redness often won't clear up fast enough or stay clear with soap alone, which is why I use the combination of Calming Zinc™ and Green Tea Antioxidant Skin Therapy™. This product helps to replenish your skin's antioxidant reserve that is depleted by chronic facial redness and inflammation. It is loaded with green tea polyphenol antioxidants - a full 500 cups of green tea antioxidants go into each ounce of cream - and resveratrol, the antioxidant derived from grapes. These antioxidants are blended with caffeine and hyaluronic acid. The combination soothes red facial complexions suffering from rosacea.

I never write reviews, but feel compelled to submit a review for this kit as it has been pretty life changing for me! I've had rosacea now for about 3-4 years, and have tried numerous skincare products, all to no avail. However, I've now been using this kit plus Cynthia Bailey's daily moisturiser for about 10 weeks, and it has literally been life changing. You do need to persevere, because I think it took about 7 weeks for me to really notice an improvement, but I can now leave the house without make-up to cover the redness on my face, as it has reduced so much. I live in the UK so have had to order this as an international customer, but it has been worth it for me as it has made such a dramatic change to my skin. Thoroughly recommended for rosacea sufferers! Clare

Calming Zinc and Green Tea Antioxidant Skin Therapy form the foundation of my Complete Skin Care Routines for rosacea. I've combined them in my Facial Redness Relief Kit. Build your routine to heal and prevent rosacea by adding the right natural moisturizer and zinc oxide sunscreen and gain control of your complexion.

Run, don't walk to buy these two products. There are a zillion products out there and it is so refreshing to find something simple that works. Give it a week or two for your skin to settle into the new products, and you will be happy. I have aging and oily rosacea skin. These two products work, they do not irritate, they do not sting, they do not irritate my eyes, they do not make me break out. I finally feel I have found something I know is productive for my skin and I can stop searching, and spending a lot of money, on wasted products. Patricia

Complete Skin Care gets the best results and includes the 4 essential steps of

  1. Cleanse
  2. Correct
  3. Hydrate
  4. Protect

My dermatologist’s Complete Skin Care Routine to fight rosacea naturally includes:

CLEANSE your facial skin with Calming Zinc™ Soap once or twice a day. You can alternate it with another gentle and non drying cleanser. I find my Naturally Best Bar Soap is gentle enough for sensitive rosacea prone complexions and is an entirely natural skin cleanser. Some people want a pH balanced skin cleanser. There is nothing  technically ‘natural’ about pH balanced cleansers, but they are gentle skin cleansing products. VaniCream Cleansing Bar is a classic example.

CORRECT facial inflammation from rosacea with Green Tea Antioxidant Skin Therapy™ applied after toweling skin dry twice a day.

HYDRATE by choosing a healing moisturizer matched for your skin type and preferences.

PROTECT from UV rays that trigger rosacea using a non-irritating mineral zinc oxide sunscreen. Oily complexion prefer my Sheer Strength Pure Physical Invisible SPF 50 Sunscreen or the Matte Tinted SPF 50+ Sunscreen. Everyone loves my Sheer Strength Pure Physical Spray SPF 50+ Sunscreen, including people with hairy facial skin. Dry complexions wanting tinted coverage prefer Suntegrity 5 in 1 BB Cream SPF 30 Sunscreen. Be sure to wear one of these sunscreens on your face daily to help your rosacea heal.

For those who wear makeup, pure mineral makeup powders are best for rosacea. They are hypoallergenic and non-irritating because they are free of preservatives, fragrances and other ingredients present in more complex makeup products. They provide excellent coverage and a natural appearance. I prefer mineral eye makeup powders too for sensitive eyes prone to ocular rosacea. 

Lastly, I have developed a Rosacea Therapy Skin Care Kit to do the work for you. My kit gives you Complete Skin Care to control rosacea. Pick products for your skin type and see results quickly.

Know that with the right skin care your rosacea-prone complexion can be healthy and clear.