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Acne Skin Care from Dr. Cynthia Bailey
All acne skin care products treat acne in 2 main ways:
  1. By unclogging pores to get rid of blackheads.
  2. By treating germs (bacteria and yeast) that cause pimples.

The rest of your skin care routine - like your moisturizer, sunscreen and makeup - needs to work synergistically with your acne treating products, not against them. I consider the products on this page appropriate for acne skin care. I also offer acne care kits with holistic acne skin care routines built from acne-friendly products to clear acne fast and keep it clear.

Have the confidence that you are getting a dermatologist’s level of skin care detail for your entire routine when you use one of my kits - Cleanse Correct Hydrate Protect™ you way to acne-free skin. - Dr. Bailey

There are different types of acne and I’ve done the work for you to cover all of the treatment issues related to them in my kits.

Acne Vulgaris treatment Dr. Cynthia Bailey

Facial Acne Vulgaris Treatment

This is the most common acne. Treatment needs to target the acne bacteria called C. acnes and breakup comedones in the pores, the first step in an acne lesion for both pimples and blackheads. My Ultimate Acne Kit has what you need for this type of acne.

Pityrosporum folliculitis fungal acne treatment Dr. Cynthia Bailey

Facial Pityrosporum Folliculitis (aka ‘fungal’ acne) Treatment

This type of acne is often missed by other acne products and is a common reason that acne does not clear up as expected. Pityrosporum folliculitis is acne vulgaris plus yeast overgrowth. In my Pityrosporum Folliculitis Kit, I add Calming Zinc Bar Soap fortified with a full 2% pyrithione zinc to target the yeast - the results are often astounding.

Back and Chest Acne Treatment Dr. Cynthia Bailey

Back and Chest Acne Treatment

This type of acne is a usually a combination of acne vulgaris and Pityrosporum folliculitis and my Back Acne Kit offers the best and most practical products for this condition.

Find my acne treatment and acne-friendly products below and have the confidence your skin care routine is clinically proven and scientifically backed by my 30+ years treating all types of acne in my dermatology practice.

Sensitive Skin Natural Could be agitiating

Sensitive Skin Natural Could be agitiating