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ask a dermatologist about best diet for skin health
Dermatologist's nutritional recommendations for healthy skin, hair and nails- naturally

By Cynthia Bailey MD

Patients often ask me for a vitamin that will give them healthy skin, strong nails and thick hair. We’d all like a magic bullet for not having the perfect diet. I’ve kept my eyes peeled for this magic bulle...

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best probiotic live grain milk kefir
Best Probiotic Live Grain Milk Kefir: Dermatologist's Instructions & Information

By Cynthia Bailey MD

For the best probiotic, live grain milk kefir is what I depend on for the health of my gut microbiome. Home brewed kefir milk is truly a probiotic powerhouse and my first choice for probiotic therapy. Micro...

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longest running dermatology blog on the internet
My first post!

By Cynthia Bailey MD

Welcome Dear Reader to my first post. I am a practicing dermatologist and my blog is to be the Journal of a Practicing Dermatologist covering both the professional and personal topics that come up in the cou...

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