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The Best Skin Care Products to Fight Uneven Pigment and Sun Damage

Dermatologist Provides Tips to Help with Common Skin Care Problems

If you have uneven pigment and sun damage and are looking for answers...


  • The good news is that these common skin problems have overlapping solutions.

  • The bad news is that finding the right product combination that yields results is tricky.


In my dermatology practice, I’ve been treating hyperpigmentation and sun damage together for years.

I’ve treated all different complexion-types who suffer this challenge.

The most important aspect of crafting a skin care routine that’s effective is in tailoring the essential active-ingredients for maximal, skin penetration. This is because they have to reach the dermis, which is the second living layer of the skin, and turn on cellular physiology to both induce and preserve collagen. They also need to turn down pigment production.

For years, I used the Obagi Nu Derm system. It works really well. But, it does have a lot of parabens in it, and skin care formulation chemistry has advanced.

I’ve created a modern version with state of the art formulation chemistry that works as well, if not better.

Like Obagi Nu Derm, it is professional skin care. Unlike Obagi, it does not require a prescription; you can buy it and start using it on your own, giving you control over your skin care routine.

My Ultimate Pigment and Sun Damage Repair Kit includes:

The Best Collagen Inducers and Pigment Reducers:

1. Retinol at professional strengths.

Retinol is Vitamin A. Tretinoin (also called Retin A) is a prescription pre-vitamin A that your skin converts into retinol.

By using retinol, you skip that step. You also don’t need a prescription. Retinol stops the matrix metalloproteinase (MMP) enzyme cascade that is turned on inside your skin by UV exposure, and leads to the breakdown of your skin collagen.

2. Glycolic Acid at professional strengths.

The kit has the best ingredients to block the tyrosinase enzyme that is essential for pigment production. 

These include hydroquinone (which is the best) and botanical ingredients that help, too. Together, you have a great, tyrosinase inhibiting team. It’s also a team available without a prescription so you can take control of your own skin care.

3. A non-drying, skin cleansing system that enhances penetration of these important actives.

My Extremely Gentle Foaming Cleanser followed by my Naturally Hydrating Toner will remove oil, debris and product so that each application of your powerful actives will penetrate and get where they need to so that you get results.

4. Key, supportive ingredients so that your skin tolerates this powerful, professional routine.

I’ve included Green Tea Antioxidant Therapy so that your skin’s antioxidant reserve is replenished. This product helps to sooth inflammation and fight redness from many causes. It also has Daily Moisturizing Face Cream to balance skin hydration, keep skin barrier healthy and prevent irritation. These two products are synergistic allies in maintaining healthy skin during any, powerful anti-aging, skin care routine.

5. Broad Spectrum Physical Zinc Oxide Sun Protection.

UV rays induce skin pigment production that leads to age spots and melasma. It also starts the MMP enzymatic collagen degradation cascade that leads to crepey, wrinkled and thin, sun-damaged skin.

Broad spectrum UV protection is essential – and you have to love your sunscreen so you apply it daily. Chose from my untinted or tinted Sheer Strength Pure Physical SPF 50 products. Both are lightweight, residue-free and oil-free. If you have melasma, chose the Tinted Matte sunscreen because it has over 3.2 % iron oxide, to help block even the visible light rays that have been proven capable of worsening melasma.

Your skin can look better and you can fight uneven pigment and skin damage.

Check out my Ultimate Pigment and Skin Damage Repair Kit here, and let me know what you think!