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How To Treat Facial Redness

how to treat facial redness

How to treat facial redness yourself is something many people want to know - and many cosmetic skin care lines promise to help you do. Most of the time they just tint their products green to camouflage the redness. My new Facial Redness Relief Kit is the most effective skin care product combination that I’ve found to actually help reduce the redness; it helps those people who suffer from the red face of rosacea and/or seborrhea. In my 24 years of full-time dermatology practice I’ve taken care of thousands of people with facial redness and worked with countless skin care products. 

Best skin care products to fight facial redness

facial redness relief kitI created my Facial Redness Relief Kit because there’s simply no better product combo for this frustrating condition. My kit has the right ingredients to soothe your inflamed red facial skin and at the same time control the factors that cause the inflammation in the first place. My patients with red face skin problems love this product combo to control their facial inflammation!

The Green Tea Cream makes an enormous difference in my skin tone- taking out the red.  Carolyn K, Santa Rosa, CA

I got my husband to use the Calming Zinc Bar and it blew his mind!  All his life he had felt there was a thing about men having oily skin; he would wash his face twice a day and still get red and have blemishes.  Now he is using the Calming Zinc twice a day and his skin is so much better.  He said to me “I’m really impressed and glad I did that”.  Eva M Sebastopol, CA

I have been using your products, and my roseacea is better than it’s been for years. Martha Sonoma County, CA

How you take care of your skin when you’re prone to rosacea and seborrhea is really important to your facial redness; do the wrong thing to your skin and you’ll end up with a really red face. That’s because when you have rosacea or seborrhea your skin is hypersensitive.  Things that normal skin can tolerate, your skin can’t including: harsh or irritating skin care products, extreme climatic conditions, irritating chemical fumes and many anti-aging skin care treatments.

You can ease your skin’s hypersensitivity by choosing a skin care regimen that quiets the underlying inflammation, adds no additional irritation and actually reverse some of the root causes of rosacea and/or seborrhea.  My Facial Redness Relief Kit does exactly that. 

Wash your face with my Calming Zinc Soap and apply Green Tea Antioxidant Skin Therapy and watch how quickly your facial redness is controlled.

Why Calming Zinc Soap is your best choice for a facial cleanser when you have a red face from seborrhea or rosacea?

The 2% pyrithione zinc in Calming Zinc is one of the ingredients we dermatologist use to treat seborrheic dermatitis because it decreases the Pityrosporum yeast that overgrows in the pores of people who have both seborrheic dermatitis and rosacea.  When you control this germ it allows your skin to heal.

My Calming Zinc Bar also naturally soothes inflamed skin at the same time it cleanses. That’s because it’s naturally hand made using the old fashioned process of saponification where the olive oil is turned into soap and glycerin.  Saponifacation makes Calming Zinc effectively ‘oil-free’ meaning it’s safe for oily or acne-prone skin.  The rich natural glycerin content in Calming Zinc means your skin is never over-dried or irritated when you cleanse your skin. 

Plus, Calming Zinc contains naturally anti-inflammatory ingredients including oats, calendula and shea butter to promote healing of your hypersensitive skin.

Why is Green Tea Antioxidant Skin Therapy an important step to calming facial redness?

This cream contain the same high concentration of green tea antioxidant extract (polyphenols), caffeine and hyaluronic acid.  This is the magic trio of ingredients to quiet inflammation that leads to facial redness.  This formulation creates an extraordinary skin care cosmeceutical and in all my many years of dermatology practice I’ve never seen a product compare for facial redness relief.  My own rosacea and seborrhea prone skin loves the Green Tea Cream and I’m never without it on my skin. I have my patients apply Green Tea right after washing.  Other skin care products, if used, are applied on top.

Dermatologist’s 2 Additional Skin Care Tips To Help Soothe Your Facial Redness

  1. When your face is irritated, flushed and red cool it down instantly with a spritz of cool water.  Either splash cool water on your face or keep some in a spritz bottle and spray a fine mist on your skin.
  2. Alternate a pH balanced cleanser with the Calming Zinc Bar. Products such as Toleriane Cleanser or my Extremely Gentle Facial Cleanser (my personal favorite) are good choices.  Toleriane Cleanser is ultra-soothing to inflamed skin.