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The Best Real Natural Skin Cleansers

The Best Real Natural Skin Cleansers

Many "Natural" Skin Cleansers Include a List of Chemicals

Is this more greenwashing? I love the 'natural' and 'pure' aesthetics but what's going on with these ingredient lists? The dermatologist in me also wonders about added botanical ingredients. Are they needed? Are they allergens? Remember poison oak and ivy are natural but not good for your skin.

Light Reading

Reading labels is better than reading a fantasy novel for me. I love being in the natural care section with my reading glasses. The ingredient list and marketing claims either boil my blood or give me a chuckle. I've got a solution: simple ingredients in simple words. It's possible to make a good cleanser without having a PhD in chemistry. Before chemists, people were able to clean their skin well. Master soap makers still exist and they made soap by mixing oils and lye. They remove excess lye to leave a wonderfully-crafted product. Soap was not that complicated. It worked without being harsh. I'm bringing this practice back for dermatologic application. Use natural skin cleansers to create your Complete Skin Care Routine. It will also reduce your exposure to the notorious 168 chemicals that average Americans expose themselves to daily.

Dermatologist-approved Products

Guess what? You don’t need a PhD in chemistry to understand the ingredients in my products. I now have a full range of natural skin cleansers, from bar soap to shower gel. I even have a gentle foaming hand cleanser for the sink. I gathered what my patients have told me about their skin care needs, and researched the real science behind many popular 'natural' products on the market. I'm giving you cleansers that cover all the important aspects of skin cleansing. My natural cleansers are:
  • dermatologist-approved
  • made with organic ingredients that you can understand
  • economical
My cleansers are made from organic oils like olive, coconut, palm, cocoa butter, and jojoba oils. You'll also find vegetable glycerin, organic aloe, rosemary extract, and guar gum. Guar gum comes from guar beans. It is in the shower gel to thicken it. I am on a mission to give you natural, dermatologist-approved skin care! Choose from: