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Dr. Bailey Customer Testimonials

Customers from near and across the world appreciate Dr. Bailey's help with their skin problems

Two things set Dr Bailey apart from the "pack", for me:
1. Her products actually resolved the Rosacea I suffered with for 20+ years. (And a mature, pale lady with a red face was annoying!)
2. I live across the country, and so, we have never met F2F. But Dr Bailey has always answered any questions regarding her products, via Monday afternoon FB Live sessions or email. I am grateful for that capability, also. Mary K

I am 70 years old and have always tried to take good care of my skin. In my younger years I tanned a lot, but at the age of 30 I realized what the results of that can do to ones’ skin as they aged. (At the time), I was also selling a well-known product and saw (what sun exposure)… and lack of daily skin care was doing to my clients that did and didn't take care of their skin. I used that product line for 30 years until now and Dr. Bailey’s products are absolutely the best I've found. I've only been using Dr. Bailey's products for a week and can visually see a difference in my skin; my skin is firmer and soft like a baby's behind. I also got her Ultimate Body Smoothing Kit body exfoliate cleanser and lotion and immediately feel the difference on my rough scaly legs – this is definitely worth every penny that I have spent so far. Gloria P

"I cannot thank you enough for your information on back acne and the zinc soap. I have dealt with back and chest breakouts for almost 20 years, and been to numerous dermatologists - not one ever mentioned pyrithione zinc as a solution. I thought I had tried everything - sprays, washes, and all they did was dry out my skin and make it itchy - and I would still get breakouts the minute I broke a sweat. After a couple of weeks of using the zinc soap at night and benzoyl peroxide wash in the morning, my back and chest were completely clear - which has never happened in my entire life. And a few months later, they are STILL completely clear. I can finally wear tanktops again. My skin is soft and smooth, and my husband comments on it all the time. He can't believe the difference. So glad I found your website. Thank you so much."  Jennifer B

"Dr. Bailey, I would VERY MUCH like to thank you from the bottom of my/our heart(s). I am the husband of a VERY SPECIAL woman that has SUFFERED with arm itching off and on for many, many years. She/we had tried dozen of different remedies to no avail. During her most recent and most severe attacks we Googled "arm itching" and found what we consider, a miracle, YOU!!!!! After reading and studying your advice we contacted our Family Doctor for help. We forwarded your wisdom to him and he prescribed Amitriptyline HCL 10mg TAB Qual. THE ITCHING STOPPED ALMOST IMMEDIATELY AND HAS NOT RETURNED!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing your experience and wisdom online."  Dan M, Fayetteville, GA

"I sampled various skincare lines including, SkinMedica, Elemis, Sisley, and Dermalogica to name a few. After I turned 40, I started thinking more critically about the health of my skin. I found your website and read many, if not all, of your blog posts. What really impressed me about Dr. Bailey was the fact that she used the products she was recommending. After doing some due diligence, I decided to try (a number of Dr. Bailey's products including the) Antioxidant Kit with Glycolic Acid for normal skin. I also purchased her Anti-Aging Body Skin Care Kit. I cannot say enough about these products! They are affordable. They are effective. They deliver the results they claim. The reason these products are stand-outs is that I've never liked any of these types of products from any other line I've used. Sunscreens always leave a white cast but Citrix absorbs into the skin effortlessly, leaving a hydrated glow to my skin. Vitamin C serums have typically left my skin tight and dry (plus they oxidize easily despite my attempts at storing them properly). The Vitamin C Serum leaves my skin soft and provides a beautiful canvas for my makeup. Most of the eye creams I've used have never been effective in keeping my under eye area well hydrated and have sometimes caused irritation. Advanced Corrective Eye Repair is gentle and hydrating. I feel as though the puffiness I suffer from has improved with its regular use. As for the Glytone Body Wash and Lotion...its like a miracle! I have suffered from tiny bumps on the backs of my arms for as long as I can remember. Within 2 weeks of use, my arms were smooth and soft. I live in a warm climate and my extremities are always exposed so smooth skin is very important to me. I could go on and on but the bottom line for me is that I have finally found a skincare regimen that works, delivers significant results and doesn't break the bank. Your website is informative and easy to navigate and Dr Bailey's Blog is an amazing resource. I will be a customer for life. Thanks!"  S. Marshall, 

"(Dr. Bailey's mineral makeup is) the first foundation I've ever used that "stayed put" and didn't get shiny, slide off my face or fade after a couple hours. I travel all of the time, and my foundation normally fails about halfway through the flight. Not only did I look great when I got off the plane, but it also looked great after a 6-hour presentation. (Recently) I had to teach a class the night after we had to put our doggie down (a day that I was on 3 hours sleep.) Thank goodness for the foundation - I had those awful blue-black circles that aren't very easy to hide - but I was able to successfully cover them up (which was wonderful, because the class was filmed and live streamed, too!). I LOVE this (makeup). Thank you, Dr. Bailey - I'm a fan!" Heather L, Portland, OR

"I appreciate Dr. Bailey's blog so much! Thanks to her advice, my skin looks fantastic. I'm 23 and have fairly normal skin with keratosis pilaris in some places. After reading several of Dr. Bailey's posts, I began using the Green Tea Antioxidant Skin Therapy and 15% Glycolic Acid Face Cream. My skin glowed, but I still had (or, rather, thought that I had) persistent dry skin with flakiness on the sides of my nose and mouth. I needed a better cleanser, so I tried your zinc soap. It worked almost immediately! No more flakes! I have to admit, when I first read the posts about facial dandruff, I thought that surely wasn't the cause of my flakes. Dry skin seemed like a much less "icky" explanation. I'm glad that I was wrong since getting rid of the dandruff flakes is so easy with the zinc soap. I'm even more glad that Dr. Bailey shares her wonderful advice in her blog.  Until I found Dr. Bailey's blog I was overwhelmed by the number of skin care products available. I'm so glad that she's directed me toward products that really work. Thank you Dr. Bailey!" Lauren W

"I would just like to say that I have struggled with terrible skin conditions for the past few years and it was progressively getting worse. Upon finding Dr. Bailey's website and reading her many blog posts, I realized what I had was a combination of rosacea, seborrheic dermatitis (facial dandruff), which were causing the redness, facial flushing, and clogged pores. I immediately ordered the redness relief kit & my skin just continues to get better! I have since ordered many other products including her new mineral makeup! Thank you Dr. Bailey!"  Angie C, Wichita

"I use many of the products that Dr Bailey has and I love them all. A few weeks ago, my husband said " I don't know what you are doing but your skin looks better than ever." What I am doing is following Dr. Bailey's skin care regimen. I especially like Green Tea Cream and Daily Face Cream for Normal to Dry Skin. What a perfect combination! They absorb quickly,feel marvelous and have really improved the look of my skin. Thank you Dr Bailey!!!" Ellie

"I have been in a dance with Rosacea for the last ten years. As I am sure you have heard from many others, mine is a tale of well-intentioned doctors and estheticians offering a plethora of products for my condition. I have spent THOUSANDS of dollars, tried countless prescription and high-end skin-care lines to little or no avail. I felt that there had to be something better out there. I recently dedicated myself to researching Rosacea, and was inundated with mountains of useless information and links to literally dozens of skincare lines. On day three of my search, I happened upon Dr. Bailey's articles. Though skeptical, I was impressed with the information and how it was presented. Her tone was kind, professional and scientific without being condescending. After investigating the products she suggested, I apprehensively placed an order for the entire skincare line. My order arrived on time and in excellent condition. As I am sensitive to smells, I was pleasantly surprised with the lack of fragrance all the products had. Even the ridiculously expensive "sensitive" skincare line I purchased from the Ritz had a scent! Having tried and rejected liquid cleansers that left me feeling like I'd washed my face with conditioner, I was thrilled with Dr. Bailey's bar soap. In fact, all of the products felt mild, calming and effective, so much so that I decided to try suspending use of my prescription products for the next 30 days. Last night, 48 hours from starting Dr. Bailey's products, my fiancee commented, "WOW, your skin looks SO GOOD!" While he constantly reassures me of my beauty, he has seen my struggle, heard the ignorant comments from friends and co-workers, and knows how Rosacea has challenged my self-image thru the years. After 10 years of repeated disappointment, to look this normal period -much less after 48 hours- is nothing short of a personal miracle. And while I know with Rosacea there will be good days and bad, I am hopeful and excited to see the long-term results of these products. Thank you for your time, knowledge, insight, and wonderful products!"  Holly F

"This is my first order with Dr. Bailey. I am aware that there are less expensive places where I can order these products, but I appreciate and have used Dr. Bailey's advice which I feel is invaluable and has produced good results. I wish I lived in California so that I could become a patient of Dr. Bailey. I wish her the best of luck in her practice and thank her for this valuable service and for her blog and willingness to help people."  Cheryl F

"I wanted to thank you for making pityrosporum easy to understand. Two months ago I broke out with what I thought was just regular acne, but it wasn't like my normal acne. I've been mostly clear for the past year so as you can imagine this was sort of devastating. I've shared your page on my Facebook, thank you so much. Pityrosporum Folliculitis Acne; Could this be why your acne won't go away?"  Lita C

"These tips are SO helpful and, for me, even lifesaving. I have lupus, which ramped up seven years ago after a Caribbean vacation (from upstate new York, in February) which provoked my first sun reaction from the illness. Wow, was I ever clueless. I read about sun protection, but dear Cynthia, no one provides recommendations with as much clarity and detail as you. I carry my detecto ring with me, and now know when I am in UV, and I always wondered how much protection I might need in the water and now, finally, I know. Thank you. I was Dr. Bailey's patient in San Diego 20 years ago and she is still the best (and nicest and most fun) dermatologist I ever met!!!"  Ernestine P

"Hi Dr. Bailey,  I recently found your blog and bought some products which I adore from your website. My skin is very tricky because I have dealt with acne for 15 years and have been on accutane 5 times. Thank you so much in advance! I am so glad I found you (I just wish I lived in CA so I could use you as my dermatologist)." Hilary D

"Dear Dr. Bailey, I appreciate so much that with all the demands on your time, you still manage to do this blog. Thank you and kudos! Thanks, and again, you're an inspiration with your industriousness (work, a blog, gardening, sports, etc.)" Ariana D

"Your blog has great info, it's the things people don't already know and are afraid to ask, or don't know how to ask it. It's not too wordy with a lot of medical jargon. It's great." Francis W, Sebastopol CA

"Thank you again for another great Blog. I get so confused with all the products out there and this clarifies everything for me. Your Blogs are always so informative and because I know you as a doctor, I also know how knowledgeable and diligent you are in your research. I look forward to each and every Blog that you publish. I trust all the content. Please keep this great information coming and HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and all your great office staff." Kathy

"Thanks so much for doing this. I read a lot of blogs on all sorts of subjects, and yours in truly substantive. I've also bought several of your products, and they are as good as the blog (which is why I'm a repeat customer). There is so much skin-care nonsense out there. I appreciate getting practical, accurate information." Martha

"You got me on these great products in my early 20's and I've been on them ever since. It was my 38th birthday yesterday and this woman giving me a pedicure thought I was in my 20s. She couldn't believe it. I credit it to your products, they're fabulous. I've turned so many people on to them too." Tracy A, Penngrove CA

"It was great to finally find a skin care regimen that works after years of trying different drug store products for my acne. Thank you Dr. Bailey for my clear skin!!" Johanna G, Davis CA

"I love all these facial products and I can see and feel a difference on my skin. It works! I always have your card in my wallet and pass it on to anyone who wants the best skin care." Linda S, Santa Rosa CA

"I have been using your products, and my roseacea is better than it's been for years." Martha

"I have been a patient of Dr. Cynthia Bailey for many years. I am 88 years old but only recently asked about skin care products and Dr. Bailey recommended Bamboo and Clay Exfoliation Scrub and Glycolic Acid Anti-Aging Face Cream 15% night moisturizer. I thought that I noticed an improvement but until friends and my hairdresser began to compliment me on my looks, telling me that my skin looked glowing, did I realize what the difference it made. Thanks Dr. Bailey for taking a few years off my face. Hope you will share this experience with others." Florence B, Bodega Bay CA

"I was one of those people who'd try every product on the market, only to be repeatedly disappointed. Dr Bailey has taken all the guess work out of providing only the best products that truly make a difference in the appearance of the skin. I'm happy to say I've thrown out all the bottles and jars of products that never worked, and replaced them with the products that have transformed my skin before my very eyes. Dr. Bailey is wonderful at what she does and I trust her 100% with my skin care needs." Hannah D, Sonoma County CA

Due to doctor/patient confidentiality and my concern for the privacy of my web customers, I use only the first name or initials of the people who have so wonderfully provided these testimonials. Be assured, these are real people and unsolicited testimonials! I'm grateful for their confidence in me and their willingness to participate in the information here at Dr. Bailey Skin Care.