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Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel Products Dr. Cynthia Bailey

Witch hazel is a time-honored skin care ingredient with modern scientifically-backed benefits for your skin. It cleanses debris and oil from skin gently and without drying and it tones pores to help minimize their appearance. Witch hazel also has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and antiseptic properties. Basically, mother nature created a beautiful skin care ingredient when she created witch hazel – which is why witch hazel has been used continuously for centuries in folk medicine.

I love witch hazel and have used it in my dermatology practice for years! I created my Naturally Hydrating Pore Minimizing Facial Toner using the highest quality organic witch hazel combined with rose hydrosol, hyaluronic acid and glycerin to refine pores gently. My Acne Treatment Pads combine witch hazel with a medicated full 2% salicylic acid and 10% glycolic acid to create a daily mini-peel that targets oily clogged pores and skin brightening with the best medical-grade skin care technology available.

Sensitive Skin Natural Could be agitiating

Sensitive Skin Natural Could be agitiating