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Rosacea Awareness Month Celebration

rosacea month awareness skin care promotion

Celebrate Rosacea Awareness Month by starting my Rosacea Therapy Kit - a skin care routine proven to calm rosacea - and save 20% with code ROSACEAKIT 

Achieve remission of your rosacea using what I’ve learned over 35 years helping people control theirs. Rosacea is capricious, flaring up with odd provocations like sun exposure, slightly harsh soap, drying weather and without warning. I struggle with rosacea myself and know it from the inside out as well as professionally.

Rosacea Awareness Month Celebration Dermatologist's Skin Care

To put rosacea into remission, I've developed an approach I call a Complete Skin Care Routine™; I soothe rosacea-prone skin so that it can heal. This is key to coaxing rosacea into remission.

Set your complexion up for success when you cover each of the 4 essential skin care steps with the right rosacea-healing products;

best skin care kits to heal rosacea

CLEANSE with a rosacea-friendly pH balanced cleanser for general facial cleansing.

CORRECT key complexion issues driving rosacea by alternating my pyrithione zinc fortified soap with the pH balanced cleanser. Reload inflammation depleted skin antioxidants by applying Green Tea Antioxidant Skin Therapy twice daily.

HYDRATE skin with my Daily Moisturizing Face Cream to support healing rosacea-damaged skin barrier. This is a key step in healing rosacea.  

PROTECT rosacea-prone skin from rosacea-triggering UV exposure with zinc oxide sunscreen worn daily and reapplied as necessary,

    I created my Rosacea Therapy Kit to take the guess work out of your routine - use my 35 years of experience to heal rosacea. - Dr. Bailey

    rosacea skin care routine Dr. Cynthia Bailey dermatologist

    To celebrate Rosacea Month, I'm giving you 20% off the purchase of my Rosacea Therapy Skin Care Kit with coupon ROSACEAKIT.

    I have had rosacea for close to 20 years and have tried countless products. One of the products would work, then maybe another one would sting my face and undo the good that the other products were doing. I had been following Dr. Bailey for a while and decided to try her Rosacea Therapy Kit after experiencing a flare-up. I am so happy that I did! I begin by using either the medicated zinc bar in the morning or the foaming cleanser at night. Both do a great job at thoroughly cleansing but they are gentle at the same time. I follow with the green tea antioxidant which feels very soothing after I apply it. Then I apply the moisturizer followed by the SPF 50 sunscreen. I am convinced that the addition of green tea in these products is what has calmed down my skin and it feels cool and soothed after I apply them. It's only been a few days, but I am seeing a decrease in redness. I am looking forward to seeing even better results over the long term. Julie Feb 2022

    Celebrate Rosacea Month with proven skin care solutions.  

    Save up to 20% with my targeted rosacea skin care routine with coupon code ROSACEAKIT

    Sensitive Skin Natural Could be agitiating

    Sensitive Skin Natural Could be agitiating