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Hand Dermatitis Healing Products

Hand Dermatitis Products Dr. Cynthia Bailey

Get everything you need to heal and help prevent hand dermatitis.

Hand dermatitis is slow to heal because you use your hands all day long and the skin on your hands is really thick – which means there is a lot of skin that needs healing once the hand dermatitis starts. - Dr. Bailey

As a dermatologist, I know how burdensome and uncomfortable hand dermatitis is and I have the best creams and soaps to heal and prevent it including:

  1. An easy-to-rinse-off non-irritating hand soap to clean your hands well without introducing allergens (think fragrance, citrus essence etc.) that can prevent healing. The easy-rinse formula also prevents drying and chapping due to retained soap residue, which is a common problem with all other hand soaps.
  2. The best non-greasy hand cream that leaves a protective coating of healing ingredients on your skin to help prevent chapping so that your hands can heal naturally. Yes, it is non-greasy, really, so you can apply it throughout the day for maximal benefit! It is also free from allergens and irritants common in many commercial hand creams.
  3. An intensive hand repair kit with deeply healing night care plus the hand soap and cream needed for daily care of damaged and sensitive hand skin.
  4. A natural lotion and butter option for those that want only organic botanical ingredients. I've done the work for you by avoiding the usually allergens found in most natural products (again, think citrus, tea tree and other botanical extracts that you should avoid if you have hand dermatitis).

Get a clinical dermatologist’s skin care products to help heal your hand dermatitis; restore this thick skin barrier so that your hands can be ‘handy’ without discomfort again.

Sensitive Skin Natural Could be agitiating

Sensitive Skin Natural Could be agitiating