Body Lotions & Creams

dermatologist recommended body lotions for smooth skin

The skin on your body, arms and legs can be healthy, soft and hydrated with the right moisturizer. It's easy!

Skin on your arms, legs and trunk can look smooth and youthful for your entire life. Many people don't know that a simple change in skin care routine can transform their skin.

Best body lotions and creams for smooth skin

First and foremost, your body lotions and creams need to HYDRATE dryness-prone body skin to keep it supple and healthy.

best body lotion for rough skin

Body lotion with glycolic acid is also the best way to CORRECT some of the most common body skin problems. That's why I have a highly effective medical-grade Glycolic Acid Body Lotion that I incorporate into Complete Body Skin Care Routines.

What are some of the most common skin problems on the body that you can fix with creams and lotions?

  • Keratosis pilaris
  • Sun spots and age barnacles (seborrheic keratosis)
  • Severely dry skin and eczema
  • Crepey skin
  • Itching on the back or forearm called notalgia paresthetica or brachioradial pruritus

And there's more!

Find the products below that I use in my dermatology practice to create body skin care routines that keep body, arm and leg skin healthy at all ages.

Sensitive Skin Natural Could be agitiating

Sensitive Skin Natural Could be agitiating