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Age Spots

Age Spot Skin Care Products Dr. Cynthia Bailey

Age spots, the mixed blessing of living a long and full life, are skin changes that most of us love to hate. The good news is that the most common age spots can be reduced - or removed - with the right skin care. 

The hero ingredient in the fight against age spots is glycolic acid. Glycolic acid will lighten hyperpigmentation and remove crusty scale from the two most common age spots, seborrheic keratosis (aka barnacles) and solar lentigines (aka liver spots). I've got the perfect medical-grade glycolic acid face cream to tackle age spots on your face and the perfect body skin care routine for age spots on your hands, arms, legs and body skin.

Find my favorite fast-acting age spot skin care here - and don't forget to wear sunscreen!

best skin care to lighten age spots

Yep, UV rays invite new age spots and darken existing ones. Add sunscreen to your anti-age spot intervention. 

Trust me, I'm a pro at tackling age spots with skin care because I know that they are an optional part of the aging process - a long healthy life is a gift, age spots, well, not so much! - Dermatologist Dr. Bailey, 63 years old and counting. 

Sensitive Skin Natural Could be agitiating

Sensitive Skin Natural Could be agitiating