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Dermatologist's 3 Simple New Year's Healthy Skin Resolutions

Dermatologist's 3 Simple New Year's Healthy Skin Resolutions

Just a few simple daily changes to your skin care regimen can really bump up the health of your skin in 2012. Take good care of your skin this year – it'll show!
  • Your complexion is the face you meet and greet the world with.
  • Your skin is what covers the hand you shake with when you meet new friends, the feet you show to the world when you wear sandals, the décolleté you reveal in that little black dress, the forearms that don't get covered by your summer clothing.
Healthy skin matters to you, not just because living inside healthy skin feels better, but because you can’t always hide your skin problems, and frankly, who wants to. Follow through with these few simple skin care resolutions and have healthy skin that you'll be proud of.  Let's make 2012 the year!  I'll help you.

3 Simple Health Skin New Year's Resolutions

1.  Wear mineral zinc oxide sunscreen on all your exposed skin - every day, all year, don't ever miss Put wearing sunscreen right up there with brushing your teeth or combing your hair.  Don't try to guess if you'll be in the sun today, just apply your sunscreen. It makes a huge impact on how your skin looks now and over time.  Every skin type and skin color suffers wear and tear from the sun. It finally adds up to sun damage (not to mention skin cancer) with irregular pigmentation, wrinkles, age spots and skin thinning.  Just say no.  Your skin will start looking younger by mid summer, really. Why do I specify a zinc oxide sunscreen?  Because I think it gives you the best, most broad spectrum and most trustworthy protection, and that makes it totally worth the effort.  Science has made zinc oxide particles so transparent on your skin that a high quality zinc oxide sunscreen won't leave a weird white coating once you rub it on in a fine layer.  I've worn Citrix Sunscreen everyday for years and it's always invisible.  I hear it everyday too from patients who are taking good care of their skin and thrilled with how easy it is to depend on Citrix Sunscreen for anti-aging sun protection.
The Citrix Sunscreen is a dream come true!  I can apply it all around my eyes and it never burns, it never feels heavy and my foundation goes on over it fabulously.  Now there’s no excuse to not wear sunscreen everyday! Hannah D Sonoma Co
My recommendation,
  • wear Citrix Sunscreen every day on the exposed skin of your face, ears, neck, decollete etc
  • use a more water resistant product (Solbar Zinc) on areas like your hands that will be in and out of water all day.
My Sun Savvy Daily Wear Sunscreen Kit has both these well-priced, trustworthy mineral sunscreens.  They're the sunscreens that I, a dermatologist, have relied on everyday for years and I'm thankful for how well they've taken care of my skin.

Sun Savvy Daily Wear Kit

Dermatologist Recommended Everyday Sunscreens

2.  Moisturize after every bath or shower Even if you think you don't need it!  Almost everyone's arms and legs are too dry. Dry skin is itchy, flaky, rough and could look so much better with this simple little skin care step. Moisturizing traps shower and bath water IN your skin that would otherwise evaporate.  Moisturized skin looks better and is healthier. Keep a moisturizing body cream, lotion or oil handy so you'll use it every day right after you towel dry.  See my Complete Guide To Dry Skin Care for the whys, wherefores and step by step how-to's about moisturizing. If you've got
  • really rough and scaly skin,
  • brown or crusty age spots,
  • or if regular moisturizers never really keep your skin hydrated,
then tackle those skin problems by doing a little exfoliation when you wash your skin in the shower.  When you towel off, apply a moisturizer with glycolic acid.  It's like magic, really! My Anti Aging Body Skin Care Kit will whip your skin into shape and keep it dewy, soft and healthy. I put this kit together for my 40th birthday when I found an age spot on my right upper arm.  It got rid of that unwelcome little birthday reminder and it's kept age barnacles off my skin for the past 13 years.  I love this product combo!

Anti Aging Body Skin Care Kit

Dermatologist Recommended Body Skin Care Products

3.  Target your specific skin problems Do you have acne, athlete's foot, scalp or facial dandruff, rosacea, crusty age spots, chapped hands etc?  Type the term into my search bar on the right side of this page or click on the topic category and see the skin care treatment tricks I recommend to my dermatology patients with your same problem.  I've included some links to more common problems on the bottom of this post too. Many common skin problems are easily treated once you're using the right treatment products. Helping you find the right treatment for your skin problems is what motivates me to keep writing.  Even with the pleasure I get from my wonderful full time practice, you're comments, coming in from all over the world, are soul satisfying for me.  Just yesterday a reader named Jill sent in a 'thank you' through our website email.
Dr. Bailey - I was looking on the web for a source for ZNP soap, to no avail.  This product was very drying to my skin, but better than nothing.  I found a link to your website and read about your Calming Zinc ® soap. I placed an order and the product was here in a matter of days.  This soap does EXACTLY what you indicated it would do.  My facial flaking was gone within a couple of days and my skin did not feel tight and drawn, as it did with the ZNP.  Your website it very informative and I appreciate your attention to detail. Kind regards - Jill
Jill, thank you, it rocks that I could help!  So, To all my readers, With a few simple skin care refinements we're off to a 'New Year and new skin for you' adventure in 2012.  I'm excited to put my dermatology 'know-how' to the task and help you do it.  I also want to take this opportunity to personally wish you a Happy New Year! Warm Regards, Cynthia Bailey MD, Dermatologist Photo Thanks and Gratitude to Doctordee