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Petite Foot and Fingertip File

Petite Foot and Fingertip File


I love this little 7-inch plastic file and depend on it to keep my hard-working fingertips smooth. It has two sides with different grades of sanding surface - medium/fine (aka 100/180 grit).

Say goodbye to rough finger skin that snags on fabric or becomes cracked and painful. Trust me, you'll find this little file as "handy" as I do and you will go nuts if you accidentally misplace it!

P.S. This is a thoughtful and inexpensive gift for your hardworking friends.

This little file is just right for smoothing down rough fissured fingertips.
It's also a great travel-sized foot file to keep your travel-weary feet soft and comfortable.

Directions for use: Soak finger for five minutes in warm water, or take your normal bath or shower. Towel dry then gently file rough finger skin until smooth, taking care not to over-file or damage fissured areas. Repeat as often as necessary to keep skin soft and smooth. (Please note: This is not a treatment for the rough skin of hand eczema, which requires your doctor's supervision.)