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All Natural Lavender Foaming Hand Soap

All Natural Lavender Foaming Hand Soap

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Gently scented with organic lavender essential oil. This is a luxurious and easy-rinse, foaming liquid formula with pleasant lavender essence. It is gentle for sensitive skin and the entire family, but tough on germs. Keep a bottle at every sink to keep your hands clean AND healthy. Clearance item, shop now while supplies last!

Good handwashing is important to prevent the spread of germs. At the same time it is rough on sensitive hand skin if you use the wrong products. I recommend only easy rinse hand soaps to ensure that all soap or cleanser is removed from you hand skin and between fingers or under rings where hand dermatitis (aka dishpan hands) starts. This is the best non-drying natural hand soap made. Now we have scented it with organic lavender for an elegant twist. 

To prevent hand chapping, you need to know what cleanser to use and how to use it. You also need to apply a really good hand cream after washing.

My All Natural Foaming Liquid Hand Soaps are the best liquid hand soaps for hand washing that doesn't overly dry-out your hand skin. Available in the ultrahypoallergenic unscented formula and now with organic lavender for calming aromatherapy benefits and elegance. Both Hand Soap formulas lather beautifully to cleans dirt and grime and then rinse off well to remove germs. These natural products are gentle on hand skin too.

I teach my patients to only apply soap to, and lather up, the palm side of their hands unless the thinner and more fragile skin on the back of their hands has gotten dirty or come into contact with germs. Most importantly, I instruct them to then rinse off all the soap well, paying particular attention to the skin between the fingers and under rings where soap can get trapped. Retained soap residue will dry and irritate skin, which is why you want to use a product that rinses off easily.

To prevent and treat dry chapped hands, I recommend this be followed by an application of a good hand lotion. This offers the best dry skin hand care available. Try my Dry Skin Hand Cream which is the best non-greasy hand cream for daily use to prevent dry hands and it works beautifully with All Natural Foaming Liquid Hand Soap. If you want a totally natural hand care lotion try my Natural Lotion, available in a handy pump dispenser. Keep it next top your Foaming Hand Soap at the sink so that your hands are cleansed and moisturized often to prevent chapping.

As a doctor with sensitive skin, I've figured out the best and most practical hand care for my own delicate skin. This foaming hand cleanser and either my Dry Skin Hand Cream or my Natural Lotion are my survival basics, and I use them all day, every day both at home and at the office.

Using natural ingredients, not oil by-products and chemicals
You wouldn't think of putting crude oil or chemicals on your skin. However, you may already be using products that contain crude oil by-products and a full chemistry set of unpronounceable chemicals!

In fact, most standard therapeutic, dermatologist-approved cleansers rely on petroleum based ingredients and synthetic surfactants like sulfates to cleanse skin. Although these ingredients cleanse skin with neutral pH, they can still irritate skin.  The organic botanical oils used to create my hand cleansers use only natural ingredients saponified in the old fashioned way to create natural skin cleansing alternatives. You get dermatologist recommended products made naturally and in formulations designed to address the most common cause of dry skin hand chapping.

A hand cleanser that is therapeutic and environmentally friendly
You can "green" your daily skin care and feel good about it without sacrificing elegance or therapeutic benefits. This vegetable oil liquid soap is as easy on the earth as it is on your skin.

Made with certified organic ingredients and free of:

  • fragrance
  • parabens
  • formaldehyde
  • sulfates
  • surfactants
  • detergents
  • silicones
  • phthalates
  • petro-chemicals
  • mineral oil
  • artificial dyes or colors

Also, your bottle is recyclable. The product is cruelty-free. It has been tested on happy people, not captive animals.

CLEARANCE ITEM, all sales final. Stock up on this great organic and non-toxic hand soap while supplies last!


Apply your All Natural Foaming Liquid Hand Soap to the dirty palm side of your hands only, unless the thinner more fragile skin on the back or your hands has also gotten dirty or has come into contact with germs. Lather the soap on your palm surface. Be sure to rinse your hands really well; retained soap residue will always dry and irritate skin. Pay special attention to the space between your fingers and under your rings where soap residue often hides. Apply a good hand cream immediately after drying, such as Dr. Bailey Skin Care's Dry Skin Hand Cream or Natural Lotion.

Free of sulfates, parabens, formaldehyde, detergents, petro-chemicals, phthalates, artificial dyes or colors. Cruelty and GMO free too! Vegan and made in the USA.

Ingredients: Net Wt. 8 Fl. Oz. (236 ml), Saponified Organic Coconut, Olive and Jojoba Oils, Lavender Essential Oil Blend with Organic Lavender Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Rosemary Extract, Organic Aloe Vera

Certified to USDA Organic Food Standards by Vermont Organic Farmers

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