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By Cynthia Bailey MD.

What is a Facial Toner?

  • Facial toners are slightly astringent to tighten and tone skin texture and pore appearance.
  • Facial toners also provide an extra and unique step to skin cleansing that can help to remove the last traces of oil, product residue, dirt, grime, and germs from facial skin.
  • Some of the best natural ingredients for a facial skin toner include witch hazel and rose water. Alcohol can also be used, but it is drying and can remove too much skin oil leading to irritation.

Why Use a Facial Toner On Your Face?

If you clean your face regularly, you are probably wondering why you need to use a facial toner.

  • Toners add an extra method to clean facial skin. You can effectively remove the last traces of oil and grime without needing to use a soap that is too harsh for your facial skin and that would leave your skin irritated.
  • Toners can also sooth skin while cleansing if they contain ingredients such as aloe vera.
  • Toners with humectants can even hydrate skin while cleansing if they contain water holding ingredients such as glycerin or hyaluronic acid.
  • Toners are slightly astringent.

Toners are good for every skin type.

Facial toners are particularly useful for oily skin types and people who use tenacious skin care products that are hard to remove with a cleanser that is appropriately gentle on their skin.

You simply use them when they make sense. If you have sensitive skin, pick a gentle toner such as one made with witch hazel. If you have tough and oily skin, you may want a stronger toner that can remove more oil. 

For example, if you have oily skin, use it after every time you wash your face.

If you only need it to help gently remove tenacious product residue that you use once daily (i.e. sunscreen or a heavy, night treatment product), then use the toner when you wash that product off.

Ideally, you want to cleanse your face morning and evening to remove the last 12 hours of built up oil, grime, pollution, product and germs.

Here are more specifics on how to use a cleanser and toner for your face:

  • Wet your face with warm water.
  • Apply a small amount of your facial cleanser to your fingers or a clean and damp washcloth, facial sponge or sonic cleansing brush.
  • Gently massage your skin with your cleanser and chosen method of application for about 30 seconds or so covering it at least once, and ideally, twice or more.
  • Rinse your cleanser off your skin entirely with warm water. It is important not to leave cleanser residue behind as it will continue to remove oils and can cause irritation.
  • Dab skin dry with a clean towel.
  • Saturate a cotton ball with toner and dab or wipe toner across your facial skin. Alternatively you can apply a small amount in the palm of your hand and apply with your fingers.
  • Allow your toner to dry to the touch for 30 seconds or so. You can then finish applying your skin care products to complete your skin care routine.

What is the best toner for facial care?

The best facial toner is one that can remove oil, tighten and tone pores and hydrate skin while being slightly antiseptic and soothing - all at the same time.

I’ve found this balance in my Naturally Hydrating Pore Minimizing Toner.

Here, I’ve combined organic witch hazel with rose water, vegetable-derived glycerin and hyaluronic acid in a base of Bulgarian rose hydrosol. These ingredients work synergistically to create a toner your skin will love.

It is one of our most popular products.

People find that it soothes and hydrates at the same time. It also prepares skin to maximally absorb and benefit from the correcting products that you use in your complete skin care routine.

This is because organic witch hazel is a natural anti-inflammatory and antiseptic that is rich in antioxidants (polyphenols) and tannins. Tannins help to remove excess oil from skin without the drying action of other options such as alcohol.

All of the ingredients in my Naturally Hydrating Pore Minimizing Toner come from the highest quality sources.

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What is the best toner with medicated ingredients to treat acne for oily skin? 

My Acne Treating Pads are medicated with salicylic acid to penetrate deep into oily pores and help get rid of blackheads. They have glycolic acid in them too to help your acne medicines penetrate better and they help to remove excess skin oil.