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By Cynthia Bailey MD.

What is hyperkeratosis?

Hyperkeratosis is a term used for any thickening of the dead skin cell layer. It can happen to normal skin over age spots (called seborrheic keratosis), warts, chronically rubbed areas of skin (callouses and prurigo nodules), and on previously inflamed skin that’s since healed.

How do you get rid of hyperkeratosis?

Treatment varies depending on where the hyperkeratosis occurs. The best treatment involves softening the skin with moisturizers applied after bathing. Using a product with glycolic acid will help loosen dead cells so that they can more easily be exfoliated with rough clothes, sponges or scrubs.

Hyperkeratosis of the palms and/or soles can also be filed using a fine grit skin file such as the ones I have included on the page below. When this is combined with a good glycolic acid cream applied after the shower or bath, rough foot or hand skin becomes softer and smoother quickly. If hyperkeratosis of the palms or soles fissures into painful cracks, use Bag Balm to help heal the fissure. 

Hyperkeratotic scale can build-up on the scalp due to uncontrolled seborrhea or psoriasis.