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By Cynthia Bailey MD.

Natural Ingredients

Dermatologist's Natural Skin Care Products

Natural products are trending in popularity because we all want safer personal care choices than were available in the past. The market growth is explosive - people want natural, eco-friendly choices with ethical product labeling. This growth means there is a lot of economic incentive for personal care companies to label and brand products as “natural”, “organic”, “sustainable”, “eco-friendly” etc. Additional terms like “non-toxic”, “no synthetics”, “cruelty free” and “no nasties” pop-up on labels too. The economic incentives involved mean that you have to be even more careful today than ever before. 

What do these terms really mean?

Nothing! Nope, nothing. Only the term “organic” is strictly regulated.

I live, and have practiced, in Northern California for over 30 years. I was born here. Natural everything is a core value and lifestyle here. My patients, family and I want natural personal care product choices that are real, smart, and get results. I also know that just because something is natural doesn’t mean it is safe. Poison oak and ivy, and arsenic, are excellent examples.

I also know that the term “organic” can only apply to ingredients derived from living things – like oils and botanical essences. Minerals, as in mineral makeup and mineral sunscreens, can’t be considered “organic”. That’s where the concept and term “natural” becomes important.

The products I’ve listed below are “natural”, which is an unregulated term.

Most are made with certified organic ingredients or natural minerals mined from the earth.

I source the ingredients, and labs that produce my products, mindfully.

In liquid and cream formulations that require preservatives, we use the most banal preservative system that will work so that you don’t have to worry about rancidity and microbial contamination. That said, we are not using heavy preservative systems, because that’s where we get into trouble – I promise that my natural oils, lotions and soaps will eventually break down, meaning use and enjoy your products when you receive them, these are real natural products!

Mineral powders are your smartest natural makeup choice because they don’t need any preservation.

Remember, you get the best results with a Complete Skin Care Routine, which includes the 4 essential steps of:

  1. Cleanse
  2. Correct
  3. Hydrate
  4. Protect.

I recommend choosing as many products as possible from my “natural” collection. Fill in your routine where necessary with high-tech pharmaceutical grade products to correct your skin care problems or sun protect your skin. This it truly the best of modern skin care:

Skin Care Science + Natural Ingredients = New Level of Skin Care.

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