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By Cynthia Bailey MD.

Natural Skin Care for Sun Damage Skin

Reverse signs of sun damaged skin with your skin care routine.

Dermatologists know that sun damaged skin is thinner, dry, leathered in texture, and wrinkled. Sunspots are also typically present. You can reverse a number of these changes with a complete skin care routine that uses natural products.

A Complete Skin Care Routine yields the best results and includes the 4 essential skin care steps of

  1. Cleanse
  2. Correct
  3. Hydrate
  4. Protect

Truly natural products are those formulated with almost exclusively natural, and often organic ingredients. These products work beautifully for skin cleansing, and moisturizing. That alone will reverse some of the dryness and leathered texture to sun damaged skin. Mineral zinc oxide sunscreens are also now formulated with natural and organic ingredients. These will help stop the continuous cascade of UV ray induced skin thinning. Know that truly natural base sunscreens are typically oil based and can feel heavy on the skin. Sun protective clothing can also be used to block UV rays and minimize the amount of sunscreen you need to apply. Hats will create shade, though sunscreen still needs to be applied to shaded skin.

Get even better results reversing skin sun damage when you use natural products combined with pharmaceutical grade skin care products that target the molecular and physiological steps leading to sun damage. These products are not technically ‘natural’, but are not technically ‘toxic’ either. To learn more about these products see my page for Facial Sun Damage for facial sun damaged skin treatment. Know that if you wear face makeup, pure mineral makeup powders applied on top of your sunscreen provide additional UV protection naturally.

Body, leg and arm skin respond to my Ultra-Fast Body Triple Action Smoothing Kit used twice weekly. This is also a pharmaceutical grade product combination that is not technically 'natural'. It does work beautifully combined with a natural body skin care routine and good sun protection.  

Consider finding products on these pages that are right for your skin, and creating a complete skin care routine that incorporates my natural skin cleansers, moisturizers and sunscreens below for the best results reversing and preventing the signs of skin sun damage.