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By Cynthia Bailey MD.

Men's facial skin is unique because it is thicker than a woman's and has more robust oil glands. Men also shave, and shaving can cause products to sting that otherwise would not.

Men have special considerations when it comes to creating a complete skin care routine for their facial skin.

Here you will find the products that are the most popular with the male patients in my dermatology practice.

My Redness Relief Kit is a popular kit that many men depend on. Facial seborrhea and rosacea is a common skin problem for men. I developed the kit out of my dermatology practice where I found too many men suffering from these embarrassing conditions, and unaware that there is such an easy fix. Redness and scale in the beard area and around the nose are often attributed by men to dry skin. However, this is not the case. Usually seborrhea and/or rosacea are the culprits! Simply using a medicated soap when they wash, followed by a Green Tea Antioxidant Skin Therapy will get rid of the problem and help prevent it from returning.

Sun protection is important, both for skin health and appearance. Men's

Facial Redness Relief Kit

skin is different than women's because it is often hair-covered, which means that men have different product preferences. The easiest sunscreen to use for men is my Sheer Strength Pure Physical Spray Sunscreen - this sunscreen has an SPF 50 provided by a hefty dose of transparent mineral zinc oxide. This product is so easy to use, even on the scalp.

best sunscreen for men

To fight sun spots and the signs of aging I have a simple and highly effective cream that can be used day or night. My Anti-Aging Glycolic Acid Face Cream is not girly, doesn't have added scents, and it works fast. It uses professional strength glycolic acid to lighten age spots, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, clean clogged pores and clear up uneven skin tone. 

Glycolic Acid Face Cream for men

I have created a Men's Skin Care Kit that combines targeted products for facial redness and the signs of premature skin aging to help a man have a youthful and healthy complexion. To fight beardruff for men who need grooming options for their facial hair I have a great Men's Beard Care Kit too. 

best beard care kit for men

If your skin is dry, dehydrated, dull and crepey, consider one of my hydrating kits that contain my Instantly Luminous Multi-Action Serum. This will rapidly plump and hydrate skin to a more youthful appearance. It feels great on your skin too. It's not girly to change the way your skin looks with targeted and smart products. 

Lastly, acne is a common problem for many men. I have a powerful medicated

best acne kit for men

acne treatment kit that has all 3 of the most effective acne treating ingredients - my Acne Solutions Skin Care Kit. The kit is easy to use.