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By Cynthia Bailey MD.

Find powerful, targeted and multitasking sin care products that can efficiently rebuild a man’s complexion.

Fix facial redness, flaky skin dryness, bearddruff, crusty or unsightly age spots and more with the right combination skin care routine.

A youthful man's skin is characterized by an even facial skin texture and color, a smooth sheen to body skin that highlights muscular definition, hands that are strong but not cracked and rough, and feet skin that is tough but not cracked and scaly.

Age moves skin in another direction. Regain control of your skin and move it back to its youthful characteristics.

My kits target the age-related skin changes and skin problems faced by men. They help to fight:

  • face and body acne,
  • scalp dandruff,
  • facial redness,
  • facial dandruff and bearddruff,
  • crusty feet,
  • rough and cracked hands,
  • dry lusterless arm leg skin,
  • keratosis pilaris (rough ‘chicken skin’ bumps on the upper arms, thighs and buttocks),
  • dark and/or crusty age spots too.

Go the extra mile and tackle wrinkles and irregular pigment skin problems when you pick a kit that add glycolic acid or retinol to your night skin care routine.

I make powerful skin care easy with kits – everything you need to achieve success.