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By Cynthia Bailey MD. This page was updated on Sun, Sep 15, 2019

The skin around your eyes is thin and sensitive compared with the skin on the rest of your face. It requires special care. One of the most commonly asked questions in facial skin care is,

Do you need an eye cream?

As a dermatologist, I say ‘yes’. 

The thin skin of your eye area is prone to irritation. Products that the rest of your face can tolerate won’t play well here if there are any irritating ingredients such as those for anti-aging skin concerns or even sun protection.

As a dermatologist, I also think you should use hypoallergenic products on this are too; allergens in skin care are often fragrances. These can lead to eyelid dermatitis with scaling and dryness.

What are the best eye creams?

Eye creams designed to help reverse the signs of skin aging need to be formulated with the right amount of ingredients for this delicate area. My Advanced Eye Repair Cream has the right amount of retinol and other ingredients for the job.

Hypoallergenic facial moisturizers are your best bet for general moisturizing of the eye area. I’ve listed those below and they include my Daily Face Creams and Natural Lotion and Natural Butter.

The best sunscreens for the eye area are those made with mineral zinc oxide. This non-irritating UV blocking ingredient is hypoallergenic and non-irritating. I’ve listed options below.