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By Cynthia Bailey MD.

The best product to rejuvenate and treat sun-damaged facial skin stop the cycle of skin thinning and help to reverse some of the damage that has occurred. Most of the signs of skin aging are due to sun exposure. It is why the sun exposed skin on your face, neck, v of the chest and outer arms looks old faster than the skin on your tummy, buttocks and inner arm surface. UV rays cause structural thinning of skin structure that leads to wrinkles and crepey skin texture, and uneven skin pigment and sun spots. 

How do you reverse sun damage and skin aging with skin care?

  • Use proven ingredients to thicken and rebuild the two living layers (the epidermis and dermis). This will help to reduce wrinkles and crepey skin. This process takes time.
  • Use products that brighten and smooth the dead cell layer (the stratum corneum) to quickly reduce the appearance of skin aging such as dull skin texture and sun spots.
  • Be sure to deeply hydrate skin to plump crepey skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Block UV rays to turn off the MMP (matrix metalloproteinase) enzyme cascade that degrades skin collagen. 
  • Block UV rays that cause sun spots (solar lentigines).
  • Load your skin with antioxidants because skin damage and aging happen when free radicals damage skin structure. Antioxidants stop free radicals.

What are the best skin care products to fight sun damage and skin aging?

In my dermatology practice, and for my own 60+ year old skin, I depend on:

  • Broad spectrum mineral zinc oxide sunscreen worn every day on exposed skin. I have only the best zinc oxide sunscreens and a range to fit all skin types.
  • Three of the ingredients proven in living human skin to stimulating new collagen synthesis (collagen renewal) in the dermis. These include:
    • Retinoids (such as non-prescription retinol in my Retinol Intensive Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream,
    • Vitamin C (in the stable L-ascorbic acid form such as my Vitamin C Professional Anti-Wrinkle Serum, which is in an airtight container, another very important point!)
    • Glycolic acid in an acid pH product with 10% or higher glycolic acid such as my Glycolic Anti-Wrinkle Face Cream. Know that with these 3 ingredients, the “devil is in the details” , 
      • and most products are either not created with enough of these ingredients or with stable formulations. My products have both high concentrations and stable formulations because they are made in an FDA-approved facility and I'm a perfectionist who likes results.
  • Include a product with high concentration antioxidant green tea polyphenols (such as my Green Tea Antioxidant Skin Therapy) and/or vitamin C. These two antioxidants have solid scientific evidence proving they can fight sun damage in skin. Again, most products on the market contain too little of these ingredients and are incorrectly formulated, meaning they will not deliver the potential benefits of antioxidants. My products contain high concentrations of stable, pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and are produced in an FDA-approved facility.
  • Skin brighteners, including physical exfoliating scrubs (such as my Bamboo and Clay Thermal Exfoliating Scrub), brushes or sponges, as well as ingredient actives that remodel and brighten your complexion, such as retinoids and AHA/BHAs like glycolic acid.
  • Deeply hydrating products with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, sodium PCA, glycerin, squalane, ceramides. These will keep skin dewy, plump and moist so that it looks younger. My Instantly Luminous Multi-Action Serum and Daily Face Creams are ideally formulated with these ingredients. 
  • If hyperpigmentation and uneven skin pigment is a problem, use ingredients that turn down pigment such as hydroquinone. This is found in my Pigment Fading Pads. Glycolic acid, retinol and vitamin C help lighten pigment too. 

I'm proud to offer you only the best products to fight the signs of sun damage on your skin. Know that with my products you are using only proven anti-aging ingredients and concentrating your efforts on only what works, and not on the fantastical, pseudoscientific mythology that often exists in skin care. Build your Dr. Bailey Complete Skin Care routine to fight the signs of sun damage using my compatible products -- I believe you can't find a more effective skin care routine. 

Remember, a Dr. Bailey Complete Skin Care Routine always gets the best results by combining compatible products for each of the 4 essential skin care steps:

  1. Cleanse
  2. Correct
  3. Hydrate
  4. Protect

How to get a dermatologist's skin care routine to fight sun damage

Some products can serve more than one step and are listed under every step that they can address. Understand that the most important products to reverse sun damage are used in steps 2 and 4, which are the steps for Correct and Protect. Cleansers and moisturizers should support the products you use in these steps.

Step 1: CLEANSE. Pick your cleanser and moisturizer based on your skin type and how they make your skin feel.

Step 2: CORRECT. Pick products for this step based on your goals, budget, and how your skin responds to the rejuvenating ingredients.

Step 3: HYDRATE. Pick your moisturizer based on your skin type and product preference. 

Step 4: PROTECT. Pick your sunscreen for this step based on your skin type and product preference. See my Sunscreen Comparison Chart to find the right one for you!

Look over the products I have listed below. I give you clear information on the benefits and usage of all of my products. My information is based on what I have seen over my years of practice caring for thousands of patients, each of whom has a unique complexion.  

 I have also created a turn-key kit that does all the decision making for you! It's my Ultimate Pigment and Sun Damage Repair Kit. I give you choices to customize it for your unique complexion. It's powerful and gets fast results!