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By Cynthia Bailey MD.

Problems with the loss of skin firmness can be quickly addressed by deeply hydrating the skin to plump and firm it. Longer term treatment needs to focus on stimulating your skin’s collagen renewal process. 

Why does facial skin lose firmness?

Facial skin loses firmness over time from,

  • sun damage,
  • age,
  • dryness and skin dehydration. 

What are the best ways to restore facial firmness?

Use deeply hydrating moisturizers with ingredients that bind and retain water in all levels of your skin. Look for PCA, glycerin, hyaluronic acid (found in my Instantly Luminous Serum), ceramides, squalene (found in my Daily Face Creams), and oils (if you are not acne-prone, found in my Facial Booster Oils and Natural Lotion and Butter).

Use products that stimulate collagen renewal. These should be made with professional levels of the three ingredients scientifically proven to stimulate the collagen renewal process.

The 3 skin care product ingredients capable of stimulating collagen renewal are:

  1. Retinoids (i.e., retinol as found in Retinol Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream, and prescription tretinoin)
  2. Vitamin C (as found in my Vitamin C Serum)
  3. Glycolic acid (as in my Glycolic Acid Face Cream)

Professional levels of stable formulations must be used to gain the benefits of these ingredients. There is an interesting second benefit of glycolic acid beyond collagen renewal for skin firmness: at professional levels of 10% or higher, this ingredient also stimulates your skin to make more of its own hydrating hyaluronic acid to bind water, thus deeply plumping skin struggling with a lack of firmness.

Why does sun cause skin to lose firmness?

UV skin exposure causes free radicals to form in skin that then start a cascade of events that leads to the loss of collagen and other important skin components – the end result being a loss of firmness. Always sun protect your skin. Once it shows signs of losing firmness you know that sun damage has happened because sun - not age - is the main cause behind the loss of skin firmness.  

What skin care routine works the best to restore skin firmness?

A Complete Skin Care Routine built from compatible products that target the causes of limp skin that is losing firmness works best. Dr. Bailey's Complete Skin Care always involves the 4 essential skin care steps of:

  1. Cleanse
  2. Correct
  3. Hydrate
  4. Protect

Build your skin care routine to combat the loss of skin firmness using these 4 essential skin care steps:

  1. CLEANSE with a cleanser appropriate to your skin type but that does not overly dry your skin. Consider adding a Clarisonic Brush system to deeply clean skin to enhance penetration of your correcting skin care ingredients. Exfoliating twice a week helps skin product penetration, too.
  2. CORRECT loss of skin firmness with products that contain professional levels of vitamin C, retinoids, and glycolic acid. Use only the best, stable formulations such as the many products listed here under skin step #2 – Correct.
  3. HYDRATE with moisturizer appropriate to your skin type, and look for some of the ingredients I mentioned above that can help to deeply hydrate and plump limp skin.
  4. PROTECT your skin from UV damage by wearing a zinc oxide sunscreen every day. Also wear a hat, sun protective clothing, and seek the shade to thwart harmful UV rays from penetrating your skin and causing a loss of precious and healthy skin firmness! If you wear makeup, chose a mineral makeup to give additional skin protection from UV rays.