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What skin problems are associated with atopic eczema?

By Cynthia Bailey MD.

What skin problems are associated with atopic eczema?

People with eczema are more likely to develop allergic reactions to skin care products. That’s because most modern products are loaded with allergens such as natural and artificial perfumes. I see many people who don’t know they are ‘atopics’ and prone to eczema, and thus are at risk for skin allergic reactions. I’ve become a stickler for hypoallergenic skin care because preventing skin allergies saves so much trouble down the road. I almost exclusively recommend fragrance free products that don't have notoriously allergenic preservatives, because I know that so many are sensitive to these additives.

People prone to eczema also have sensitive skin that is prone to be dry and chapped. That’s because eczema prone skin has a weak barrier. This means precious moisture is easily lost. Cold and dry climates will exacerbate this, and may trigger a flare up of eczema. It also means harsh skin care products will get into the skin and cause irritation, dryness and chapping. This all triggers eczema.

Once active, eczema is itchy and can lead to an endless cycle that, when scratched, leads to even more itching. Scratching the rash can also break open the skin, causing a wound that can easily become infected. The good news is that this vicious itch-scratch cycle can be shut down with good skin care. It’s something that requires constant, vigilant upkeep and a good relationship with your dermatologist.

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Most Popular Products for Treatment of Eczema

1. VaniCream Cleansing Bar (head-to-toe hypoallergenic, dermatologist-trusted skin cleansing for sensitive skin).
2. VaniCream (Hypoallergenic, richly moisturizing, somewhat heavy feel on the skin that comes from petrolatum).
3. Naturally Best Bar Soap (natural skin cleansing for the entire family. The natural soap making process preserves the deeply hydrating glycerin, making this my go-to cleanser for those wanting entirely natural skin care).
4. Natural Foaming Hand Cleanser(an easy rinse formula to keep at every sink where you wash your hands. Keep the pump container of the Natural Lotion right next to the Cleanser to moisturize your hands during the day after washing).
5. Natural Lotion (made with organic ingredients that are entirely botanically based and hypoallergenic. It is eco-friendly and has a light feel that absorbs nicely into the skin).
6. Natural Face and Body Butter (rich and soothing botanical ingredients that are entirely hypoallergenic, eco-friendly and deeply hydrating).