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What is the best lotion for eczema-prone skin so that it will heal?

By Cynthia Bailey MD.

What is the best lotion for eczema-prone skin so that it will heal?

The most effective moisturizers are thick and oil-rich products. The reality, however, is that these are not always practical to use. One helpful trick is to apply your moisturizer within the "magic 3 minutes", so that your thick and rich moisturizer will spread nicely. The more oil your moisturizer contains, the better, since oil will lock in water to prevent it from evaporating.

Ointment-based moisturizers are more effective than creams or lotions because they contain more oils. But most people don’t like the greasy feel of ointments. That is why I created my Natural Face, Hand and Body Lotion and my Natural Face and Body Butter; they are rich in botanical oils, yet have a nice, non-greasy feel on the skin, because they are mixed with hydrating glycerin and aloe. My patients say that these moisturizers leave their skin feeling healthy and moisturized, but not greasy. Both products are hypoallergenic.

If you are prone to eczema, it is also important to use only fragrance-free moisturizers. Fragrances are the most common allergens that can trigger eczematous rashes.

In my professional opinion, the more often you moisturize your skin, the better. The best time to moisturize is after washing, but you can also apply moisturizer to dryskin. This keeps your skin supple, prevents painful fissures, itchy scales and helps to repair the skin barrier. This all helps to prevent infection.

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Most Popular Products for Treatment of Eczema

1. VaniCream Cleansing Bar (head-to-toe hypoallergenic, dermatologist-trusted skin cleansing for sensitive skin).
2. VaniCream (Hypoallergenic, richly moisturizing, somewhat heavy feel on the skin that comes from petrolatum).
3. Naturally Best Bar Soap (natural skin cleansing for the entire family. The natural soap making process preserves the deeply hydrating glycerin, making this my go-to cleanser for those wanting entirely natural skin care).
4. Natural Foaming Hand Cleanser (an easy rinse formula to keep at every sink where you wash your hands. Keep the pump container of the Natural Lotion right next to the Cleanser to moisturize your hands during the day after washing).
5. Natural Lotion (made with organic ingredients that are entirely botanically based and hypoallergenic. It is eco-friendly and has a light feel that absorbs nicely into the skin).
6. Natural Face and Body Butter (rich and soothing botanical ingredients that are entirely hypoallergenic, eco-friendly and deeply hydrating).